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October 7th 2012
Published: October 30th 2012
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Sunday, October 7th

Jordan, 1 night Amman, 2 nights Dead Sea, 2 nights Petra, 1 night Aqaba

The first two paragraphs are a double entry I am making for Jordan and for the blog for Egypt.

When we had decided to visit Jordan and Egypt we had decided that we would go the route of two different tour companies and we were far from disappointed. Actually both of the companies, their guides, drivers, office staff and meet and greet people far exceeded any of our expectations. Two tall blonde women travelling in these countries and we were treated with respect and welcomed with warmth, great hospitality and service. Would go back in a heartbeat and would strongly recommend these companies and doing some individual research when making choices. We found them through research of different Tourism Boards and various sites that have posted reviews for these countries. We read lots of travel books and nailed down just what and where we wanted included in this trip and were flexible with what we could really fit in. We also referred to the travel blogs on this site on a regular basis to see and hear what was happening and not rely totally on news media.

In planning this trip we knew that with planning a 4 week trip, if things were to go sideways anywhere we went and felt unsafe or unable to go, we were going to be flexible and change our plans accordingly. We are so glad everything went like clockwork and we had no problems anywhere we went. For our tour in Jordan, Sian booked our hotels and we didn't have them included with the tour company. She made excellent choices with the hotels and it was wonderful to have breakfasts included which really helped the budget. Egypt we have everything included with the tour company. We also registered with our consulate for these countries. We received emails about both on current affairs and information and if any natural or otherwise events like earthquakes etc took place they would know where we were staying and where to find us. This was easily done online. We Aced this trip with everything we fit in. Would recommend lots of small cash denominations for tips. Would go back to both in a heartbeat and what beautiful people we met.

Sunday - Rome to Amman, Jordan
We are off the ship by 9:00 a.m. in Rome, take our own luggage off and meet up with our limo driver for the airport. We actually run into two of the travel agents we met onboard at the departure gate. Small world...big, big airport.

We did run into an issue at the check in counter with carry on luggage. The airlines only allowed 7kg, so we ended up putting more into the checked baggage which is now getting IFFY as far as weight goes. We hold our breath, but it makes it in under the weight allowance or so we assume. Now I know that another plan is going to have to be in the works for that down the road. We each have a full suitcase and a carryon and we are going to need a third for checked baggage for going home to stay under the weight allowance.

We left Rome airport and were so surprised that we got served the full meal deal on the airline we were on and good food. Three hours later we were in Amman Jordan. Our luggage with us, however always a little surprise at the end of each flight...flip a coin...will it make it?

We were met at the airport by a representative of our tour company before we even got to the Visa Immigration counter and to the baggage. They were there to assist us with everything and I was sure impressed. Before I left home I made sure I had some currency for each country we were going to. Did not want to have any ATM problems before we even got past the visa application counter. 20 JD later we were on the other side picking up our bags and heading out into the very hot air. It was just getting dark on our 30 minute drive to the hotel. Dinner and crashed early. Both Sian and I are impressed with our driver, Khaled and what a sense of humour he has and are so glad that he will be with us for the week. He actually reminds me of my brother. We have to meet Khaled by 8:30 a.m. in the lobby and check out. Interestingly enough, all vehicles and baggage go through a security check before coming into the hotels. Great idea and a great hotel.

I will include our info here on our Amman tour as it was actually in the middle of our Jerash to Dead Sea journey - We went on a downtown city tour…the driving is quite incredible and for the most part the streets are treated like there are 3 or 4 lanes, not just the 2 that are actually there. Khaled double parks and runs into a bakery and tells us to tell the police, if they come along, that he will be right back. He comes back with desert for both of us and as well, some coffee specific to Jordan and not North America, like we were craving. He was so funny. The desert is excellent and made with honey, however I cannot remember the name of it. Off we go to the Citadel high in the middle of the city where we can see in every direction. We went through the museum here and walked around the complex, including an old church overlooking the sites of Amman below. We could hear the call to prayer. So many buildings of white limestone. Really beautiful and interesting. Next....Jerash, Aljoun Castle and to the Dead Sea.

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