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Middle East » Israel » West Bank » Bethlehem September 19th 2006

So this is sort of a blog within a blog, as it details my daytrip into Bethlehem from Jerusalem, however I figured that since my last blog dealt with Israel, and Bethlehem is clearly not an Israeli city, I should do it separately. I was somewhat nervous about going into the West Bank, given the political situation in the Palestinian territories, however the security situation was stable at the time that I was there, and given that this was probably the best chance I would ever have in my life of seeing Bethlehem, I decided to go for it. Anyway, for those not familiar with it's location, Bethlehem is in the West Bank, just south of Jerusalem. And while people's definitions may vary slightly of what constitutes the West Bank (the Old City of Jerusalem is ... read more
Church of Nativity
Inside of Church 1
Inside of Church 2

Middle East » Israel » West Bank » Bethlehem July 2nd 2000

Hello my fellow travellers! This is the second and final post I'll do about my trip to Israel and Palestine in July 2000. The last post covered my time in Israel while this post covers my time in Palestine. We didn't (as far as I remember) venture into the Gaza Strip but we did go to the West Bank to visit Bethlehem and Wadi Qelt. Ownership of this area is complicated to say the least, as it is for the whole region. Nominally the West Bank is under control of the Palestinian Authorities but it's still occupied by Israel for safety reasons. There is much that can be said for both parties but I personally do understand Israel's concern. After all, when they released control completely of the Gaza strip in 1995 all they really got ... read more
Beautiful View

Middle East » Israel » West Bank » Bethlehem December 29th 1985

There's not much to see. A church, seemingly similar to any other church. A garden, not much unlike other gardens. However, this place has a slight edge over its colleagues. It's the alleged birth site of Jesus. Might as well be. If so, one of the most important historical locations on the planet. Should be treated with due respect. Nowadays it is not. It is a war-zone. Kind of kills the myth that wars are about religion, does it not? Religion might be the excuse for the people to fight. However, the conflict is about everything but religion; principles, money, greed, power, pride, differences in logical reasoning, culture, language, you name it. And my least favorite: pure stupidity. End it with a poker game, coin toss, camel race, dwarf hunt, whatever. Let the rest of us ... read more

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