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March 10th 2016
Published: March 15th 2016
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Today was another homework day. Luckily, there are worse places to do homework.

Although Marie had to leave early for work, I slept in until about 10:00. At that point, I went to Xoho, a cafe a couple blocks away where I got beer bread. I’m still not exactly sure what it was, but I think it was beer-battered bread with a salmon shmear on it. Regardless, it was delicious. I hung around and worked for a couple hours before moving to an even better place for homework.

On to the beach it was. There are several bars on the beach along the Tel Aviv coast, so I picked the closest one. Like most places in Tel Aviv, I picked my own seat, so logically one close to the water and in full view of the sun for tanning purposes. A layer of sunscreen and a mojito ordered and I was ready to do some more work. I went through a caipirinha as well before calling it a day homework-wise.

I then went home to drop off my stuff before heading off to Florentin. It’s a neighborhood not unlike the Lower East Side a couple years ago: not the nicest, but getting nice quickly. The area has an unwritten agreement with the city: we won’t wreck the place if you don’t wreck our art. As a result, there is a lot of street art around the area that is almost never painted over. Every Thursday, there is a tour that walks around it and talks about the artists, several of which are pretty well known in the city (such as Dede, which I posted art from yesterday). It was very interesting and educational, as well as just a fun time.

For dinner, we went to a local falafel place that is generally rated very well. So we stuffed our faces there, then went home to get ready for the night. Marie had invited several of her friends to come over; we have rooftop access at her apartment building, so we figured may as well start the night there! A couple rounds of Cards against Humanity and some drinks later and we went down to the bar right in front of the building. We had been planning to go to the clubs, but by the time we left the bar, it was almost 3:00AM and not worth it. So we went to bed to be ready for a big trip tomorrow!

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The "27 Club"The "27 Club"
The "27 Club"

Artists that died at 27
Cat HotelCat Hotel
Cat Hotel

there are lots of stray cats, and they are extremely well protected legally. So a lot of people put up cat hotels.

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