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24th July 2015

Thanks for the map!
Great idea, nice way to get a sense of where and how you're spending your time. Sounds like you're having a great trip. Thanks for keeping up the blog, we're all enjoying it.
From Blog: Las ferias
22nd July 2014

How can we get access to Tito's Bunker?
Hey, Could you be so kind and help us? We are planning to visit Tito's bunker, but i don't find any detailed information about the opening hours ticket prices and etc. Is it possible to visit as a civil at any time in the opening hours (if there is)? Thank you for your reply!
22nd July 2014

Unfortunately, I don't believe it's open to the general public. We have a large group, and we planned this well ahead of time. Also, I believe that one of the group leaders has a contact that we were able to work with to get in. Sorry I can't be of more help!

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