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July 31st 2006
Published: July 31st 2006
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I FINALLY saw Pirates of the Carribean 2!!! I know most of you probably saw it right when it came out like 3 weeks ago, but I am in a different country, and getting to the movies has been a challenge. More so because I kept waiting to find someone to go with me, and my cousins kept saying they would go tomorrow, but we would never go. But finally, we went! And also, I was totally extra hyped to see this movie because of going to the Premiere of the movie while I was in London. So, I took my cousin to the movie, Sari. She is about my parent's age. She wanted to see Lassie. So needless to say, she didn't enjoy Pirates too much. Oh well.

I loved it. It was so much fun. And the ending definately shocked me. And I like how Kiera Knightley got her kiss with Johhny Depp in. Haha. There was definately more violence in this movie than the first, but its ok with me. Its just not gruesome, which is good. All in all, I really loved it.

But, the fun thing about seeing an American movie in a different country, is that, you are often the only person laughing, cuz you understand the subtle things that are cultural or whatever. so you are enjoying yourself much more than everyone else in the theater. which is fun for you. And being the only one laughing, makes others wonder what they are missing. hahaha. ok, im sorry, but i enjoyed it.

so what else... planning to go to my friend oded's apartment on thursday. until then, the beach is calling! my cousins keep asking me why i'm so white, why i like going to the beach so much, and then they ask how far the beach is from home, and i say at least 3 hours, and then they understand. haha. i keep saying that at home, nobody really stays outside in the sun very much, if it gets hot, we immediately go in the air conditioning. right? but i guess since its a lot hotter in israel for a bigger part of the year, if u were to always stay inside, u would never do anything, ever.

ok... thats if for today! byee


1st August 2006

Yay Pirates! Yay premiere! Yay Johnny! I watched a johnny movie today too...I love him... :)
1st August 2006

You are living in one of the historic countries of our time an all you have to talk about is POTCII?!? That's like going to Australia to go to an Outback Steakhouse... SEE THE CITY MORE!!! MEET PEOPLE!!!

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