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March 13th 2011
Published: March 15th 2011
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Yesterday, we went to Masada. It was built in the 1st century B.C.E by the Judean Herod the Great. He was the second son of the Antipater. The Antipater was the chief minister of Judea, which he was appointed as when aiding Julies Caesar in Alexandra. Herod built the second temple in Jerusalem. His son, Herod Archelaus, took over after him. 75 years after Herod’s death the revolt started. There is only one written source about Masada which is Joseph Flavius’s book The Jewish War. In the revolt, the men and woman…of all ages…who could pick up a weapon fought equally.
The Romans laid siege on Masada, surrounding it with a great wall. Thanks to Herod’s amazing store rooms, they were able to last a very long time. The Romans began to become impatient, but they could not just climb up the mountain. They began to build a ramp up. It took months. By the time the Romans reached the top, they found everyone had committed suicide and left food to show they had not died from hunger. Only two women and five children were left…who had hid. They passed on the story.

In 1842 Masada was identified and exuviated
The military comander's quatersThe military comander's quatersThe military comander's quaters

This was where the military comander lived durring the Herod period.
between 1963-1965 it is now seen by Israelis and tourists.

Additional photos below
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Shot from a roomShot from a room
Shot from a room

I liked taking shots like this!
The lower PalaceThe lower Palace
The lower Palace

Herod has two Palaces- this one was built on three natural tiers on the north side of the mountain.
Painting on the North PalacePainting on the North Palace
Painting on the North Palace

Columes stood on these bases.
Mosaic floorMosaic floor
Mosaic floor

Herod had beautiful floors made. These are all the REAL floors.
Swimming poolSwimming pool
Swimming pool

Herod had a whole bunch of swimming pools made. It was amazing how they saved and stored so much water.
wall paitningswall paitnings
wall paitnings

Paintied walls still survived. The black line shows what was there when they found it. above the line is reconstrcuted.
The Store roomsThe Store rooms
The Store rooms

These were filled with tons of food, oils, etc.

19th March 2011

Emily, your former science class is enjoying seeing your updates. They have a couple of questions: How did they get the huge blocks to the top to build the buildings? Did the drag them up or use materials at the top? They also want to know where they got their water from.
4th May 2011

Masada evokes many feelings.
I recall seeing a television film based on the seige at Masada and the lengths its people went to in order NOT to become Roman slaves. It made me think of other, more modern religious groups who have followed the same path...and how we perceive of their struggles and choices. Freedom means everything!

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