Published: May 19th 2005
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Isreal was great. We traveled from the South to Jeruselum. It is a very small country and has good transport links. We stayed with Isreal friends. They were great ( Thanks Sara and Yuval for a great time ). We managed to see every Jesus thing there ( thanks to Jo !! ) and walk around the old city, mount of Olives, many churches and Markets. We hired a car for one day and visited the old fort at Masada and floated in the dead sea. We even had the privalage of being invited to participate in a relegious ceromony for their sabbath . All in all very nice country except for the stupid questions entering and the even more stupid questions while leaving.

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15th November 2006

What questions
please do tell me what questions you encountered
21st December 2006

Adventure / Aprehension
The photographs here are awesome! What is the social environment like? Can we go visit individually or is it a 'safety in numbers' - group only - environment? What is the 'grass roots' view of America / democracy / freedom / self determination / Christianity? I think they did a movie about going to visit in the mid east (LOL) - Curious / Yellow. THANK YOU for sharing your experience!!
5th February 2011

What questions? I am planning my trip for this year and Israel is included. Can you help me answering this question? Thank you. Graciela from Argentina,.

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