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May 16th 2005
Published: May 19th 2005
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Hay there. We had a blast in Cairo. Thankfully not literally ( Some of you may have heard about the explosions ). Cairo would have to rate as one of the nosier , smelliest, dirtiest cities we’ve been to. Very Hectic. The history there is great. We visited the Pyramids ( Jo didn’t like the camels too much !! ) ,Islamic Cairo, The markets( Bought the odd souvenir ) , Coptic Cairo and the Citadel built during the Crusades. The sphinx was amazing and the Pyramids Huge. We took the train from Cairo to Luxor , following the Nile . ( Very cheap and get to meet the locals). Luxor was great. The valley of the Kings and Queens was extremely hot ( 40-50C ) We visited both Luxor and Karnak temples at night. At the Karnak temple ( About 5000 years old) we went to the sound and light show . Very atmospheric at night with the Nile and desert near by. From there we travelled down to the Red sea and did a boat trip The best water ive ever seen in my life. Clear, Blue, warm and the sea life was incredible. The colours and different species were great/. I started to teach Jo how to swim and snorkel. She didn’t like it at first but I think she started to enjoy it by the end.

After Egypt we went to Jordan to visit Petra. All I can say is look at the photos and then plan to go. Amazing place that you could walk around for hours. The people were also very friendly and not as pushy as the people in Egypt. After Petra we back tracked and spent the next 4 days in Jerusalem . We had a great time with friends there a saw every site to do with Jesus that there was. We walked around the old town. Visited the markets both old and new, Played soccer , had a BBQ, got invited to a religious ceremony and floated in the Dead sea. We can now add being in the lowest place on dry land to the list !!. After tearfully saying good bye to our Israeli friends we faced Israeli and Egyptian customs officials but not before a few hours on the beach in Tel Aviv.

The trip was short but we managed to fit a lot in. I wouldn’t go back to Egypt as the people there were two faced money hungry , pushy and generally not good. The opposite can be said for Israel and Jordan and would recommend it to any one. The highlights were the Pyramids, Red sea, Petra and Old Jerusalem.

We learnt so much talking to the locals about traditions and current lifestyles and I think we both have a much better understanding of what life is like in that regi0on.

We are now back to work. Only 10 days!! And really beginning to plan for home and Europe.

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17th July 2005

I enjoyed your blog. You said you wouldn't go back to Eygpt - but is it worth if for the first time? thinking about going
5th October 2005

school project
had good info will vist next time need more info
27th November 2005

loved your blog - we're thinking about doing the same trip - how safe did you feel on the trains? easy to get to Israel from Eygpt??

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