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Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase January 28th 2010

INTRODUCTION: A little after-the-fact... I didn't even realize that I still had this blog unpublished. I've thrown in the last of my pictures to highlight my time in Iraq (/Bahrain/Kuwait/Qatar). I plan to make my other deployment blogs public (as opposed to the private status they're in now) as soon as I comb them over and make sure there's nothing compromising in them. I also hope to blog the upcoming adventures I'll be having (as well as the couple I've just had!). MY FIRST DEPLOYMENT (cont'd) I write this as we fly over Europe - the first leg of our long journey home. I had intended to blog my way through deployment. There’s no question that there was ample time to blog, but my laziness kicked in (or is it just inertia?) and here I am, ... read more
Merry Xmas!!

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase August 10th 2008

Today I was invited to a barbeque at the rug shop. Persian and Turkish rugs are one of the hot items that the Iraqis peddle. I have learned that most of the so called “Iraqis” are Turks that pretend to be Iraqi to sell their wares at Iraqi gift shops. There are various grades of rug but the best are handmade. The Iraqi Doctor that I have talked about previously is friends with the high class rug seller here in Al Asad. The Doctor invited some of the other Doctors and Nurses to the rug shop for a barbeque. I know that this was all a ploy to get us to the rug shop to see the handmade rugs. But I have come to love Kabobs so this seemed all worth it. We arrived and were ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase August 5th 2008

Finally made it back to Al Asad after waiting in the PAX Terminal for 5 days. I am glad to be back to my CHU. It is the same dusty landscape but friends and fresh linens make it tolerable.... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase August 1st 2008

Well here I am again - stuck in a Military PAX (PAX is the abbreviation for passenger, person, or people) terminal. Why you may ask? A Sandstorm of course. The sand moved in late yesterday and has really messed up my travel plans. I hope to get on a plane, chopper, or fast camel back to Al Asad. One benefit that I have come to realize from being stuck so much in the PAX Terminal is that I have become a champion at Sudoku. Our friend Jess gave me an electronic Sudoku game at my going away party. I play that little handheld game for hours while I am waiting to catch a bird. This blog entry will be short as there is little to report. I could go on like Hemingway and Santiago. I could ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 31st 2008

The second day of the conference was well attended and quite informative. I was able to learn a great deal of the way in which we operate in Iraq. As I cannot discuss it further I thought I might share a little more about the sites in Baghdad. Inside the Aw Faw palace there is a chair/throne that belonged to Saddam Hussein. The chair was given to Saddam by Yasser Arafat. If you look closely at the top of the chair you see the Quran. Inscribed on the page is a verse from the holy book, the verse reads: In the name of God the merciful and gracious, Glorifies who traveled his servant by night from Mecca to Jeuseralem. Written on the arch: Victory from God and conquest is soon. You can also see a patterned ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 28th 2008

Today I left for a conference in Baghdad. I was there about a month ago but another opportunity came up for me to attend a Commander’s conference. I sure do hate to travel but I enjoy seeing new things. We left for the military passenger terminal at 2300 on the 29th and departed very early the next morning. I flew on a Sherpa. A Sherpa is an Army aircraft that is used primarily to transport passengers and cargo. It is a small twin engine airplane that has high wings and is shaped like a bus. Sherpa’s hug the ground as opposed to flying high so the ride is quite exciting. We flew blacked out with not lights at all - the pilots and crew wore night vision goggles. The flight was quite uneventful.... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 21st 2008

Happy 30th Birthday. Just another day in Iraq. I did not even sleep in. I did want to plan a good birthday party so on my day off we will celebrate. I have received lots of great gifts for my birthday. My co-workers sent me two birthday’s in a box. It had all of the items that I would need for a party - candles, streamers, balloons, plates, hats, blowers, etc. They also sent some funny singing items, a coffee mug, button, and card. Everyone here likes the singing coffee mug. Megan and Drew sent me a great birthday package too. It had lots of art supplies and games for me to use while avoiding boredom here in Iraq. When that package arrived it was wet which concerned me. Usually if a package is wet and ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 8th 2008

Today we finally received the Yeti. If I haven’t told you the story of the Yeti yet - let me elaborate. In the 24hour plane ride to Kuwait Mark and I did every activity that one can do on an Airplane. We watched movies, listened to music, read magazines, talked with other soldiers, went to the bathroom, walked around, etc. We kept looking at Sky Mall magazine and laughing at all of the ridiculous items that are for sale in the catalogue. We began to laugh at all of the things that we could have shipped to Iraq. A tiki bar for out CHU, a 20 foot wide inflatable movie screen, Yeti garden sculpture. We kept laughing at the Yeti and how ridiculous it was, who would buy that for their yard? Then we thought we ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 4th 2008

Independence Day in Kuwait. Not my first choice. I have a flight scheduled for tomorrow so I checked into the temporary billeting in Kuwait to get some much needed rest. I slept almost 8 hours catching up for the last 4 days. The base in Kuwait is much safer so it is a more relaxed environment. I put on my PT uniform and got out to explore what Independence Day activities that were being offered. Vanilla at best but one thing caught my eye. A hot dog eating contest. I had to go check this out. Hot dog gluttony in 120 degree heat. There were 10 contestants who ate about 6 dogs a piece -the winner took home a trophy with 8 and one half hotdogs. I felt a little queasy watching. Americans will bring their ... read more

Middle East » Iraq » West » Al Asad Airbase July 2nd 2008

Tried to get out all last night. I am still sitting at the airport. My back hurts from sitting on the concrete all night. July 3 - Still stuck. I made friends at the Airport. In the movie Fight Club, Brad Pitt talks about single serving friends - these are becoming several serving friends. We are all stuck together in a perpetual sleep and eat cycle. The only flight I can get is to Kuwait later tonight. I will have a much better chance of making it out of Kuwait. Keeping my fingers crossed. ... read more

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