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July 8th 2008
Published: August 17th 2008
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Today we finally received the Yeti. If I haven’t told you the story of the Yeti yet - let me elaborate. In the 24hour plane ride to Kuwait Mark and I did every activity that one can do on an Airplane. We watched movies, listened to music, read magazines, talked with other soldiers, went to the bathroom, walked around, etc. We kept looking at Sky Mall magazine and laughing at all of the ridiculous items that are for sale in the catalogue. We began to laugh at all of the things that we could have shipped to Iraq. A tiki bar for out CHU, a 20 foot wide inflatable movie screen, Yeti garden sculpture. We kept laughing at the Yeti and how ridiculous it was, who would buy that for their yard? Then we thought we have a very tacky yard already. Picture your house as a 20x8 metal box, your fence a 20 foot concrete wall with razor wire at the top, your yard void or grass, trees, or flowers - instead gravel as far as the eye can see. Why not a tacky Yeti we thought.
We ordered the Yeti but it took about a month to get because Sky Mall would not ship to Iraq. We had to send the Yeti to Joanna (Mark’s wife) who then packaged it and sent it to us. We laughed that the customs people probably X-rayed him so much he may glow. Can you imagine - you are manning the X-ray machine on a normal mundane day. You are almost asleep at your post and then what do you see a 2 ½ foot Yeti in a box. You would surely give it a second pass.
When the Yeti arrived we were surprised to see that Mark’s Mom made the Yeti a little uniform and sent a weapon too. We laughed at that one for a while. Mark and I took him all over the building showing him off. Everyone wanted their picture made with him. Even the Commander posed for a picture. We take Yeti to many activities for pictures but usually his stands guard outside our CHU. He is a good bit of mental health for us.


17th August 2008

Too funny!
You are so funny. I don't know who else would think to order such a silly item, but defintely has to keep the spirits up. I hope you enjoyed all your birthday gifts...can you open up the travel mug to see what size battery it takes? I'll send you a new one. Take care!

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