Photos from Shiraz, South, Iran, Middle East - page 4

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Masjid-e Vakil
Masjid-e Nasir-al-Molk
Masjid-e Nasir-al-Molk
Masjid-e Vakil
Yazd to shiraz
On the road again
The toilets here are not in the petrol station, but the local mosque!
Welcome to Iran
Some snow too!
Six hours bus ride of beautiful scenery...
On the way to Esfahan
My little hotel in Shiraz....basic, clean, nice people, and only 29usd a night!
Gorgeous....peaceful place...
More mirrors...
The place is huge!
Here, a private minder take you around to discover the place!
Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh
Shiraz, gorgeous mosques...not easy with the sun!
Masjed-e Nazir
Another gorgeous mosque!
Masjed-e Nazir-al-Moshir
At sunrise, this place is amazing with the lights....sadly, not possible for me with my schedule!
They have caravanserais everywhere....beautiful!
Shiraz time!
I have to admit, these would not really fit at home!
In Iran....go to the souqs!
The pictures doesn't show how impressive this place is....massive!
Masjed-e Vakil
Masjed-e Vakil
Masjed-e Vakil
Arg-e Karim Khan
shisha shop...
Embargo still rules!
Imamzadeh shrine
All those mirrors!
Imamzadeh-y Ali Ebn-e Hamze
Tomb of Hafez
Love this food!
First lunch in Iran,amazing food!
First lunch in Iran...packed place....lots of cute couples around!
Welcome to Shiraz!
In Iranian city, you very often find...a mountain behind...sadly, it's not the best way to avoid pollution in winter time!
Yes, this place is amazing with such a sky! It's actually not even cold!
Yes, this is Iran, middle of the winter!
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