The Baptist and the Earthquake House

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May 22nd 2016
Published: May 22nd 2016
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The Baptist is a professor of archaeology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary named Tom Davis. The Earthquake House is a residential area in the Roman town of Kourion on Cyprus that was destroyed by an earthquake around 365 AD.

Tom is a friend and former mentor of Kevin, the leader of our tour. He excavated the Earthquake House and discovered several skeletons - mostly human but also one donkey - of those who were apparently killed instantly by the earthquake. He's now working on a different area of the site and he gave us a guided tour of his current excavation as well as the rest of the town. It's really interesting to see an archaeological site together with the person working there!

We also visited a Crusader castle today, so it was a great day all around.


22nd May 2016

I certainly hope that my skeleton is mostly human!

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