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Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 25th 2007

Well. I have been here near on three weeks now. Settled in pretty well. Know enough of my job to get by day to day without direct supervision. The guys throw me a curly one every now and then but on the whole I am getting the hang of what I am to do. the new ship comes in in a few days so we are ramping up to introduce the crew to the wonders of trying to get things done in this environment. I have briefings of my own that I have to give, mail procedures and the like, so anticipating getting to know the crew. They are going to be our main focus for the next six months so it will be good to put a few faces to the emails that I am ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 20th 2007

Hey all. Well finally thought I would put fingers to keyboard and give an update as to what's been going on. I am now in Bahrain, after a week in Kuwait doing the last of my orientation, I have been down here for about two weeks now. Really enjoying it. It's a hell of an interesting place and though I can honestly say I wasn't interested in the Arabic culture, that has changed pretty quick. Though I can tell you, their driving scares the hell out of me. My stay in Kuwait was a bit of a whirlwind visit. I got off of the plane, but my luggage didn't. I scrounged some things from the uniform store there to get me by but they were all just a size too small. Bloody little army punks. Start ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama November 2nd 2007

So, we're still waiting to hear when Peter's interview is. Hopefully it's going to be on Tuesday afternoon and we're both fairly sure that it'll just be the one interview as he's going to be seeing Abdul-Haq as he's over from Bahrain. Normally, I think it would have been that Peter would have been interviewed by MAL and maybe AWC and then had a vidcon with the Bahrain office, but as AHM is here... I still have ups and downs about going. It will be such a wonderful experience and opportunity if we are able to go but leaving family and friends behind is going to be incredibly hard - I get upset if I even think about saying goodbye to Mummy and Daddy.... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama October 2nd 2007

How exciting. On the third day of her new job Chelle was taken off to Bahrain by her new company, Bovis Lend Lease. For those who have not caught up on the most sorry saga, Chelle had a very very bad experience at Turner and Townsend (the company she moved over to Dubai to start work with) and decided that the best thing to do would be to look for a different opportunity in the region). Basically what happened is that she was working with a whole lot of poms and these poms on the Aqua Duyna project in particular seemed to have a slightly different attitude to Chelle in that they were not very proactive and tended to whinge a lot about things. They also didn't seem to have much enthusiasm for their work (unlike ... read more
The new sustainable building
Can you see the wind turbines?
Map of Bahrain

Middle East » Bahrain September 7th 2007

Gotcha!! You all thought I'd be in Delhi by now, recovering from my jetlag, huh? The flight from Paris to Bahrein had a delay of about 5 hours, and by the time we got to Bahrein, my flight to Delhi had already lifted off. The Gulf Air Customer Service people had however promised that the flight would have to wait for us... ah well, it's part of the deal, I have 9 months to go. A day more or less isn't going to make the difference, and besides, I did get a nice hotel room here in Bahrein, three good meals included (but Diet Coke was not included in the package - I should complain about that *wink*). The temperature is 40 degrees Celcius and very very humid. You wonder why they still have hammams here. ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama August 25th 2007

I recently got out of the Marines and wanted to go back over to Bahrain and visit my buddies I were stationed with in Bahrain, we were all stationed here in the Middle East along with thousands more U.S. GI's. These photos are of my most recent trip to Manama, Bahrain.... read more
Bahrain trip
Bahrain trip
Bahrain trip

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama July 27th 2007

Bahrain Out of all my travelblog entries the Bahraini experience is so far my only business trip, therefore it couldn’t be as fun and enjoyable as my holidays’ travelling. Nevertheless I feel impelled to write some notes about this distinctive Kingdom. If you are travelling to the Middle East during the summer months except the worst in terms of heat. The first thing you will notice upon your arrival is the hot/humid weather combination! I honestly thought that coming from a hot and humid country myself, I would not suffer too much under temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius, but it was much worse than what I expected. On my first day, temperatures reached 52 degrees Celsius which is something that I never thought would be possible. It was humanly impossible for me to stay outside an ... read more
Bahraini Architecture
Sad and empty streets
Dry, dry, dry

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama May 28th 2007

So, my last trip before leaving Kuwait this year was to Bahrain... The home of Michael Jackson, a grand prix track which takes up half the island and many far eastern ladies of the night..... I can't remember so much of the weekend. I didn't even sleep at the hotel I booked a room in - a proper UK style random night. I think the club we ended up in was called F1 and had a Phillipino thrash metal band playing.... I live for such odd moments ) Bahrain is an unashamed middle eastern party island (just off Saudi Arabian Coast) - problem is that it is people from the Middle East that are there partying. Now, that sounds slightly harsh, but people from the Middle East just don't 'do'party at all... They do overly ... read more

Middle East » Bahrain May 16th 2007

Down the causeway to Saudi Arabia Middle East » Bahrain By rickmoore May 16th 2007 David Moore Bahrain is an archipelago of some 36 islands with a good efficient airport where women can actually drive (and show their hair) just a few km across the causeway from Saudi Arabia. But like Saudi, people come from all over the world to work. Saudis come here as well - but to shop and party - making the causeway very busy on the weekends. We went on a side trip across the causeway to the Saudi Arabian town of Nai'riyah - lots of sand, and desert. I am always surprised with the amount of life out there - from snakes and scorpions and assorted insects to camels camels and more camels. I am going to be rich beca... read more
The Island
Gotta have a camel picture

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama March 9th 2007

Rob took me to Perth international airport and we arrived there for 9:30am I was able to check in at 10am. Flight departed at 12:15 on time. Arrived in Singapore and was first off the plane as the seat was next to the exit. The pilot advised temperature is 32C so cooler but the humidity is high as you felt it as soon as the plane door opened. Cleared customs and then got the first taxi since I left the UK to the Royal Peacock Hotel based in the china quarter. Did not feel like much to eat due to travelling so thought could get a basic rice dish no luck could get fish heads, or live frogs and they look awful. found a shopping centre and that had a burger king so went there and ... read more

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