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August 31st 2006
Published: September 22nd 2006
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It's been a while since I wrote. Europe's been keeping me very busy with the typical sightseeing and visits to amazing museums and galleries, as well as a few visits to friends.
After Morocco I made my way across Spain from Tarifa, the wind-surfing capital, up to Seville, where I spent a few days sightseeing in 45 degrees... but despite the scorching temperature, I enjoyed and loved the city. A highlight was finding a Calatrava bridge by chance. Those who went to uni with me would know how much in awe I've always been of mr. Calatrava's buildings and bridges.
From Seville I took an overnight bus to San Sebastian, located on the border with France, where I enjoyed a lazy few days at the 'surf' beach. There I had an encounter with a 2 meter tall wave, which took me for a 360 spin and finished me off with a minor concussion, when I landed on my head and swallowed a handful of sand. Quite exciting, I've never thought I would see waves like that in Europe.
I continued on my way to Paris, where I would spend a few days admiring great Art... I'd almost forgotten about the Dali museum, but luckily discovered a brochure to remind me of it on my last day and made it there just in time to view the exhibition, which I absolutely loved, .... and I would not have forgiven myself if I had missed this one.
From Paris I boarded yet another bus, this time to Switzerland, to meet up with Melanie and Jeremy for a weekend in their stunning country. This deserves a whole entry on its own for the spectacular views and photos of which I cannot wait to show you.
After my swiss weekend I boarded a train to Venice and arrived there absolutely exhausted from sightseeing. I slept for an eternity and awoke to a beautiful sunny day awaiting me. In Venice I met Evelyn, a Mexican girl living in Germany, with whom I shared a bungalow at the campsite and, also, spent the next couple of days meandering the narrow city streets together. We both bought a Venetian (?) mask each, and I also invested in a couple of paper mache white ones and varnish, in order to create my very own imaginary 'face' once back in Melbourne.
...to be continued......

Fleeting thoughts.............

And so I'm in Paris.... feeling quite alone for the first time in so long... I've had great company along the way. Alone in my room. I found a bottle of red wine, left behind by the last tourist who'd checked out. It was probably the rude Chinese girl, whom I deliberately did not speak to... and who did not speak to me (or nor did she sit next to me at breakfast this morning).... due to our brief introduction at 2.ooam last night, when I eventually had had enough of her unacceptable noisy behaviour & asked her to "please turn the lights out"... Fair enough too, I think... Shiza, it was 2.ooam aftre all and she obviously cared not about anyone but herself. So there you have it. ..... I do miss my bed!
Back to the bottle of red...........I proceeded to drink the wine alone in my room.

After the Louvre...........
'Beauty is divine, Beauty is something noone can deny. All I wish for from this life is to behold it, to create it, to feel it in my bones, Beauty so powerful it brings tears to one's eyes. God save my eyes, so I can see.... let me live for what I hold true in my heart.... For Beauty is what I want to see & without it I do not wish to be.


26th September 2006

The Ring
All this travellin is all well and good Master Zodo but when are you gonna get to the Cracks of Doom?
27th September 2006

Hmmm, get your facts right Sam... wise!
Do you mean Mount Doom? I`m not trying to save the whole world... just my soul from shrinking.
20th October 2006

Great Pics
I love the pics!!!! ^^ You took it so well... Still remember me ? Kyros

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