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November 16th 2011
Published: November 16th 2011
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Well...2 months on the road and my first blog! Hopefully I will have unlimited access to wifi during the next week so that I can rewind and blog about my travels thus far. I am currently in the quaint town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England UK, at my good friend Debbie's house. Relaxing until I take off for my next adventure in about 10 days! I played Santa the last fews days, wrapping all of the gifts I have purchased for my family on my travels and sending them off at the post office today. I'll spend the next week catching up on bills, correspondence, uploading pictures (successfully I hope). AND really, really hoping I can get completely caught up and set up on this blog! The task seems a little overwhelming at this point and trying to resurrect my memory for the last 45 days may be a challenge...but the pictures will help guide me. Then I should be able to keep up at a regular pace on the rest of the travels. Although I must admit the group travel tours are a complete whirlwind! Starting from as early as 6:30am until 10pm or on party nights sometimes going until
4am...unpacking & repacking, every day or every other day, constantly on the move....idle time or quiet time rarely exists...and if it does, that's when you are trying to catch up on sleep! With that said, it has been amazingly fun, exciting and always entertaining with a group of people from all over, all different ages, and walks of life, learning how to get to know each other and get along or figure out how to pleasantly not get along...constant amusement I must admit! I anticipate the next few legs of the adventure will be at a slower and steadier pace, allowing for more blog time! Besides I know I have to keep my ever growing blog fan base appeased! ( I don't have any followers/subsribers yet...sign up! So I can look cool!) I guess it would help if i actually emailed this link to everyone! Which I will do once I get some pictures in here, I know that's all you folks really want! This is my first blog ever, so I will soon be an expert...or at least a capable blogger & picture uploader! ~Cheers!


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