Shannon Donahue


Shannon Donahue

Depart 9/23/11

Europe November 16th 2011

Well...2 months on the road and my first blog! Hopefully I will have unlimited access to wifi during the next week so that I can rewind and blog about my travels thus far. I am currently in the quaint town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England UK, at my good friend Debbie's house. Relaxing until I take off for my next adventure in about 10 days! I played Santa the last fews days, wrapping all of the gifts I have purchased for my family on my travels and sending them off at the post office today. I'll spend the next week catching up on bills, correspondence, uploading pictures (successfully I hope). AND really, really hoping I can get completely caught up and set up on this blog! The task seems a little overwhelming at this point and trying ... read more

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