Bon voyage!

August 10th 2011
Published: August 13th 2011
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I have a feeling today is gonna be a LOOONG day. Started off at 4:45 am, in a haze of nyquil, finished packing my 35 lb pack and hit the road with my roomates..aka my mom n dad. After picking up Beasle and his expecting wife Brandi from Bakersfield we drove over the grapevine and onto the 405 skipping traffic thanks to a wonderful invention called the carpool lane..apparently none of the thousands of drivers we passed, all heading in the same direction, have ever heard of such a concept #fact. After an hour of listening to my parents remind me because they "love me" that if I was ever to lose my passport, credit cards, computer or my head for that matter, I would be so screwed that life as I know it would be over (love), we finally arrived at our destination..4 hrs before our flight wtf!! Ok, apparently we overestimated the LA traffic situation just a lil bit..better to be too early than late. As it turned out, we were all starving and decided to treat ourselves to some Denny's cuisine, compliments to the chef for one of the best freakin breakfast burritos I've ever had.. unexpected I know. After reminiscing how we were always convinced that O'malley booked hotels for our Chico road trips based on their proximity to a Denny's haha and after some tearful goodbyes (Beaz your a real piece of work leaving your eight month pregnant wife behind..the fact that Brandi is ok with that just goes to show how incredible she is), we finally arrived safe and sound at our gate..OMG IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!!! Bound for Toronto then off to London, hopefully to partake in some rioting and police brutality with a side of arson, fingers crossed! Pip pip cheerio peoples! Wish us luck..


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