"So was it shite?"(cab driver) "Naw man, it was THE SHITE!" (B and J)

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August 13th 2011
Published: August 13th 2011
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Beasel here. Well, it's day two in London, and it's safe to say London bloody rocks. Jay and I flew in and got situated. Oyster cards purchased for the "tube" and bus around town then made our way to the Palmer Lodge in Swiss Cottage. London is divided up into these little suburbs. We got unpacked and after purchasing our getaway ticket to Amsterdam on Monday. After that we decided to go get lost. We got deep into London and checked out some pubs and cafe's. Everyone is super trendy here, it's pretty funny. The hipster look for both woman and men is the "thing." Jay and I hit up Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye, the Thames River, Picadilly Circus. Happy hour is the ish...everyone comes out to drink right after work and we joined them for a bit. We had a few pints that night to get an early start in the am. Friday we visited the British Museum and saw some amazing Roman Architecture, Egyptian Mummies, the Rosetta Stone. We made a quick trip through the VA Museum and National History Museum before winding down in a beautiful square outside the VA Museum with a wonderful latte. We then had dinner at one of London's oldest Pubs the Bunch of Grapes. We dined on traditional English stead and beef casseroles and chicken liver pate. Excellent! We weren't too sure about it but we opted to do a pub crawl. London's pub crawls are famous and when the guy we saw in the street said it ended at Ministry of Sound (the most famous club in the world birth of House Music) we looked at each other and smiled. No words needed to be spoken just a simple nod of the head. It was on. Now apparently people in London don't realize how we do in the states. Especially considering you have two Chico State grads. Everyone gets a degree in college, Chico State grads get two and all get one in how to party. Suffice to say London was not warned. They do know now. After heading out to several bars we made our way to Ministry of Sound. The crawl probably had I would venture to say 60 people in it mostly Aussies and Kiwis, the girls of which seemed to take a special liking to Jay, but that's another story. Now London knows it's House Music, but they ain't know it like the Phillips' bros. We took over the stage, shirts were drenched, voices were lost, videos were taken. The Londoners don't realize how we do it nor how we get down. They dancing now. I'm sore today. After a $50 cab ride home we were in bed at 6 in the am. Typical. The cab driver asked "was the club shite tonight" We calmy replied , "No, it was THE SHITE" Yeah we know hot to SHUFFLE BOI! Slept for 6 hours then got prepared for opening day of Barclay'sPremiere League. Aston Villa vs. Fulham. We had great seats. Buuuuut it wasn't enough so....Jay and I decided to go sit on the pitch with the all the Aston Villa fans (who were bloody wasted) and chant the entire second half away with them. "Villa where I'm born, Villa, Villa, Villa when I die." There's one thing i learned today. The English love three things. Their beer, smoke, and their fubol. No really they looove their futbol. These people traveled in buses to Fulham and started chanting from the time they got in the street walking to the pitch until the time they got back on the bus. The stadium shakes from the amount of noise. Truly touching. A Villa father and his son next to me hugged and kissed at every chance. I saw more men drinking beers, with missing teeth, and AVFC tattoos then you can imagine. Children 10 years old were screaming and I quote, " Oh come on Bent(player) you fuckn' bastard." It was awesome. So now we are back about to head out again for the night. We will get at you in Amsterdam. We hope the buds are green and the shrooms magical ;-)


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