A Walk Through the Forest

March 4th 2010
Published: March 10th 2010
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I woke up to the shining sun and a light scattering of snow in Karlovy Vary. I headed back towards the spa area to see how many people were sipping out of their fancy half mugs, there were a few. I was tempted to take a taste of the water but decided against it. There is just something about the massive calcium deposits that have formed all over the basins that make me question if it is really good for my sensitive tummy and I heard it smells and tastes like rotten eggs. So that pretty much solved the question of to try or not to try. But I truly did enjoy watching everyone else walk about carefree while taking in their special spa water. The water was so hot that there was actually steam coming off the water as it trickled out of the spout.

After walking about a bit I decided to take a short hike up the hilled forest behind me to see the jumping deer statue. I went as cautiously as possible as there was still some ice on the paths and I did not want to fall… again. It was a really nice walk through the forest and very much reminded me of home, Canada home not Ireland home. I made it up to the deer statue and decided that it looked more like a little billy goat. I then walked further up to the different lookout points to catch the full view of the city. I came back down the hiking paths and successfully avoided falling a number of times.

I came back down from the hills into the spa area. I walked about the different buildings that are really lovely, painted different colours. I meandered about a while longer and watched some more hot water sipping take place before I went to grab dinner.

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17th March 2010

Neat-O. Looks really nice. Wish I had seen more of Czech. Only went to Prague which I loved. Check out the Alfons Mucha museum...loved that and the city was beautiful. I also went to some church that was decorated with Human bones. I think it is called Kostnice?!? Could be wrong about the name. It is a couple hour train ride from Prague. Anyway....enjoy! Kath.

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