One biscuit to rule them all

May 26th 2013
Published: June 11th 2013
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Do you think it is funny that Marie biscuits are called the same all over the World? Do you think it is funny that Marie biscuits are called Marie biscuits all over the World? We think that is strange. We have no problem understanding that Colgate, Coca Cola and Gillette can be found all over the World under the same brand name. But for some reason Marie biscuits don't fall in the same categor... Read Full Entry

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The biscuits are made in Portugal but they were bought in a shop in Switzerland
Bangladesh 2Bangladesh 2
Bangladesh 2

Danish Marie. "Danish" is in this case a brand name. As far as we know it has nothing to do with Denmark
Bangladesh 3Bangladesh 3
Bangladesh 3

The manufacturer of these biscuits is called "Olympic". Most likely there is no connection to the IOC
Bangladesh 4 Bangladesh 4
Bangladesh 4

Marie biscuits with chocolate flavor
Denmark 2 Denmark 2
Denmark 2

Marie biscuits with chocolate coating
Denmark 3Denmark 3
Denmark 3

Marie biscuits made from whole grain
Guatemala 3Guatemala 3
Guatemala 3

Marie biscuits with vanilla flavor

11th June 2013

Oj, vad många kex du måste ätit! Lycka till med "jakten" i Rwanda!
12th June 2013

Who travels the world to compare marie biscuits? but i found this very enlightening. Ive always thought that Marie was a brand and that it's only found here in the Philippines. I believe ours is the most simply wrapped compared to your pictures. Its very third world.
12th June 2013

mmm, biscuits!
Marie biscuits are most definitely found in the majority of countries. There is nothing quite like a Marie biscuit dunked in a cup of hot coffee and gobbled quickly to stop the disintegration of the biscuit! In the UK we have a similar biscuit (in consistency and taste) to Marie called Morning Coffee...maybe you could do a comparison?
13th June 2013

Very cool blog
I love it! Love the photos and the idea.
26th October 2013
United Arab Emirates 2

Parle Marie is from India
Parle Marie biscuits are manufactured by an Indian company called Parle Products ( This particular pack in the photo is meant for export as it says in the packaging.
27th October 2013
United Arab Emirates 2

Manufactured in India, bought in UAE
Many of these packages are manufactured in one country and sold in another. We count the country where we buy them. Hope you enjoyed the blog entry. /Ake
31st October 2013

Marie in the Philippines
Hi - this is awesome!! but there are also Marie in the PH too ^_^
6th January 2014

In California at least, Maria\'s are easily found. They are a Mexican import.
6th January 2014

Thanks for letting us know
Thank you for letting us know. We might go to California this summer. It feels good to know that, if we do, we can add one more coutry to the list./Ake
24th May 2014

Marie kex in the USA
Marie Kex are available in many places in the USA, manufactured by Goya Foods based in Secaucus, New Jersey. Goya offers Spanish, Hispanic, and Mexican speciality products so the Marie Kex are found among beans, vegetables and spices in the ethic food sections - not among the cookies - in the large chain grocery stores that carry the Goya line.
26th May 2014

Thank you for the advice
Thank you for the advice on how to find Marie Kex (Marie Bisquits) in the USA. We are going to the States this summer and we will use your information so we can add one more country to our list. /Ake
30th March 2015

Love marie biscuits alot
FIY you can find marie biscuits in iraq where i come from, and it's been manufactured since forever, and also i've seen it in jordan, and saw another version of it made in quwait and tried it and was delicious :)
31st March 2015

Wonderful news
Good to hear. We will have to go to Iraq one day and buy some. Thanks for letting us know. /Ake

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