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November 2nd 2008
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How to say "I love you" in finnishHow to say "I love you" in finnishHow to say "I love you" in finnish

Second leg: Farewell to the neighborhood

"Prag" (Denmark 2006, 92 mins)
The danes impress - even away from home turf. Prag is - alas! - set in Prague. We follow a longtime married couple struggling to keep their relationship alive during their stay in the czech capital. It's disturbing, even uncomfortable to watch as things detoriate. One cannot easily forget such a strong set of actors hitting and slashing out at each other surrounded by Bohemian beauty. I love Prague and I loved "Prag". Very recommendable this one.

"Torsk på Tallin" (Sweden 1999, 97 mins)
Cod in/at Tallin is the more or less accurate translation of the movie title. I don't really like cod, and even though "Torsk på Tallin" has added some flavour it's still not cooking in my kitchen. Story: Single, swedish men travel to Estonia to get some. The trip to Estonia leaves these Average Frustrated Guys still hungry. Not overly bad, but still no reason to stick around for dessert.

"Häjyt" (Finland 1999, 105 mins)
A portrait - or caricature - of finnish redneck society. Vodka, bar fights and sauna. Vodka and fights. Vodka. If you ever go to Finland, try "Los amantes del circulo Polar" instead. Less drinking, no bar fights and you might even be accompanied by a beatiful woman in the sauna.

Next leg: Czech Republic


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