The Final Countdown

October 11th 2008
Published: January 2nd 2016
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Final countdown

Top three night train rides:
3) Prague-zurich
2) Stokholm-Oslo
1) Milan-Amsterdam

Top three day trains:
3) Amsterdam-Frankfurt
2) Hamburg-Copenhagen
1) Madrid-Barcelona

Top three hostels:
3) Celica in Ljubljana
2) Living lounge in Lisbon
1) Balmers in Interlaken

Top three accompdations
3) Feeling like home B&B in Rome
2) Riad 5 Sens in Marrakech
1) Star Inn Hotel Zentrum

Top three dinners
3) Marrakesh restaurant in Fez
2) Dinner in Bordeaux
1) Dinner in Budapest

Top five activities:
5) Biking in Munich
4) Surfing
3) Alpamare in Germany
2). Cliff jumping in Praja
1) Canyoning

5) Shopping for a leather jacket in Florence
4) Biking in Interlaken
3) Wine tasting class in Bordeaux
2) Surfing in San Sebastian
1) Canyoning in Interlaken

Top three cities
3) Inrerlaken
2) Munich
1) Barcelona

Top three stupid things we've done
5) Confusing Hammer and Liliehammer in Norway
4) Not asking my boss for 4 months off
3) Taking 30 min 120$ boat ride
2) Loosing Lets Go travel guide
1) Leaving Interlaken

Top three beverages:
3) Moroccan mint tea
2) Radler
1) Coca cola with sugar, not corn strip

Top three museums ( we only visited 5)
1) Vatican
2) Sex museum
3) David in Florence

Top three water moment
4) Swimming in a cave in Italian riviera
3) Alpsmare
2) Going to minrleral bath spa in Budapest
1) Swiming in glacier waters in Interlaken

Killometerd travelled:
Bottles of wine drunk: 18 ( probably half of those consumed with pedagogical influence)
Kebabs eaten: 18
Nights on the train: 12
Money spent: too much to tell

Top five local encounters:
3) Guide in Fez
2) manager Riad 5 Sens
1) maccauleys house

Top three dances (not bad for a ballroom dancer)

Top three moments that made us feel like home
3) Staying at Best Western in Paris
2) Cooking pasta bolognese in Sweden hostel
1) WALLE movie in Barcelona


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