Off we go: Cramped Knees

September 20th 2007
Published: March 30th 2008
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The Flight.

Thursday September 20 2007

What an exciting day. To think we'd been counting down for 18 months! We dropped the kids off at school and I must admit I got very teary and nervy.I spent a bit of time pacing the house. Biggest trauma was I couldn't find my socks. Turned out Rob was wearing them. Great start.
Colin came to pick us up and we arrived at the airport at 10:30am for our 1.55pm flight. Packing was okay! Our suitcases weighed in at 14.5 kg and 13.5 kg!Once we've thrown out some stuff there'll be plenty of room for souvineers.
It was a nervy wait. I didn't want to sit still and couldn't read my book. Eventually we boarded. The Qantas Airbus was nice. I had a window seat. All the outback and space was amazing. We seemed to be eating all the time.Lunch was a braised steak with potatoes and was YUM! I watched movies the whole trip. Zodiac - Stupid. Fracture- OK. Finally we arrived in Singapore. It was great to stretch your legs. Changi Airport is massive and very clean. One Toilet had the sign "Squatting Pan". Rob went and had a massage - there wasn't time for me. I used the free internet and walked around the shops.

Our next flight was British Airways. It seemed more cramped. This flight was for over 12 hours and I felt them all. The worst part is your knee pain. We were close to the back toilet so I could go and stretch my legs there. Looking out the window was great too. We had flown over Katherine, Darwin, Malaysia, India, The middle East, Russia and Germany. You could see all the towns and highways. My meal was delicious. Chicken and bacon pasta and all the rum I wanted!
We finally landed at 5:05am London time with VERY little sleep!My ears were very sore and I was deaf for a bit. Kept misunderstanding the Immigration Officer.We went through immigration and our bags came out quickly. We went through the red channel but there was noone there! There were at least 30 drivers holding up signs. We went to the Hotellink desk and got our first British pounds from the nearby ATM. 1/2 later we were ready to leave!


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