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March 26th 2007
Published: March 26th 2007
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Monday afternoon - me, the unemployed bum at home today. Had a good weekend. Saturday went shopping with Susan to Kirkcaldy so Kate could go shopping for some more work clothes. Also, spoke to home because it seems HSBC can’t get their act together and have sent our bank cards and pins to Australia, because they are really useful to us there!!

Now I can’t believe I’m going to publish this because its really quite embarrassing but Saturday night was our first big eventful night out - and where to? The local bowly (lawn bowls club)!! To begin with we were the youngest ones there. It was a night filled with geriatrics, bingo (yes, that’s right, bingo - but we won, yay!) and lots of scotch. It turned out to be a really good night and my cousin Kirsty and her friends came for a drink aswell. We met all the locals and danced the night away, not sure what we were dancing to in the end but it was fun. The locals certainly like a drink or 10. One of Kirsty’s friend’s couldn’t stand up by the end of the night and we put one of the boys
Group PhotoGroup PhotoGroup Photo

Akon, Kirsty, Michelle & Shaun
in the boot of the car on the way home, h was very cheery and also decided to keep himself entertained in the back of the boot by singing Advance Australia Fair. I also had a trip down the stairs when I got home, but its okay nothing’s broken, LOL. Have attached some photos. Yesterday was spent trying to get rid of heartburn - from all the scotch - not used to just drinking scotch - ad my massive headache. Watched Ninja Turtles 2 & 3.

Which brings me to today - feel much better - bored again. Just had a visit from Derek and he has brought Susan a new car which she doesn’t know about yet - getting delivered to her work tomorrow with a big bow on top - how cool! But he has been very generous and is giving me her old car - a wee little white Peugeot. Just need to get it insured and I’ll be running around the place - and will no doubt get lost more than once. Will make life a lot easier though for getting around. Kate’s at work today - sucker!! Still waiting for a couple of interview

They weren't looking too flash at this point in time....

Well that’s all folks.

Additional photos below
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Jodie & KirstyJodie & Kirsty
Jodie & Kirsty

Me with Kirsty (Cousin)
Jodie & ShaunJodie & Shaun
Jodie & Shaun

Kirsty's friend Shaun
Kate & MidgetKate & Midget
Kate & Midget

Kate with whom we only know has midget (lol)he's on the lawn bowls committee
Jodie, Kirsty & MichelleJodie, Kirsty & Michelle
Jodie, Kirsty & Michelle

me with Kirsty and her friend Michelle (the one that couldn't stand up!)
Us with the BandUs with the Band
Us with the Band

he, he - Groupies

27th March 2007

Did you sing B I N G O , B I N G O
18th April 2007

Correctomundo!! - I KNOW!!!!
26th April 2007

I think you have been watching way to much ninja turtles. Ha ha!!

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