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December 25th 2009
Published: December 25th 2009
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Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas!! Just back from our Christmas lunch in Le Bistro onboard - was fantastic - Chateaubriand for lunch.. plus. a bottle of wine so spelling may not be quite right...

Okay a couple of days ago we visited Rome for the day so did a tour in a coach into Rome... not quite sure the value of this as we did most of our touring on our own - but passed the colisseum and a few other old -very old ruins etc then went on our own to the Sistine Chapel - which has been modernised since I last saw it 10 years ago and St Peter's Basilica and saw the fantastic Nativity Scene - if you're going to see it anywhere in the world then this is THE place to see it - hope it comes out okay in the photos. Having a few minor dramas attaching photos but please bear with us ... as, please note above - we've had a bottle of wine at lunch.... not telling if we've drunk anymore before or after lunch.... after all it is Christmas.

It was drizzling during our time in Rome, not really cold and stopped at a lunch place there - am sure it was run by Dad's army or at least the Roman version of them!! The traffic there was horrendous and cars parked all over the place even on the median strips and the zebra crossings - right on the edge of the corner, plus red lights do not mean stop just look out and green means the same. Forget any conventional road rules, it's Rafferty's rules here - if you can fit in a spot you just do it.

BAck at the ship we spent the evening at a Lenny Windsor show - we had been to his earlier presentation on the Life of Benny Hill which was really surprising and sad really and went on to his show that night which was great - he did a round of where everyone came from and we were the only ones there who owned up to being Australian and ended up having a verbal slinging contest across the auditorium for a few minutes with him regarding Australia... think he gave up. Lenny was a writer for the Benny Hill show and a few other well known British comedies.

At this
Vatican Nativity SceneVatican Nativity SceneVatican Nativity Scene

The best nativity scene at St Peters Basilica - ROme.
stage we are 8 hours behind Qld time - temperature is 17 degrees and seas smooth and quiet but not sure about the authors!! 😊


5th January 2010

Happy New Year! Tried to read your earlier comments, but computer playing up. Sure sounds like you guys are having fun apart from driving in Rome. Now enjoy the shopping in Barcelona I hear it is pretty good, and you do realise that if you don't have enough baggage you can always have your extra purchases sent home!!!!! Keep enjoying yourselves. And by the way, we are looking at a few 40* (temperature) days here in SA in the next few days! Wouldn't you love to swap places? xxx
5th January 2010

Hi Eva!! We are having a ball here and have had a fantastic holiday so far - only a couple of very minor hiccups but boy, have we had fun - so much to see and do - and so much to drink too.... Am about to do more blogs and photos - also check out the facebook.

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