ENTRY 29 -- The Fourth Horseman

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March 25th 1987
Published: January 19th 2006
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- Circa 1940 - Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal

Entry 29 -- The Fourth Horseman

The German High Command was assembled at Wolf's Lair, the command centre for their new Roman Empire that was devouring the world. The leaders of this ten nation Rome-Berlin Axis were reviewing their strategy for the conquest of Britain and America.

They determined that, all going well, victory would be bloodless: the highest levels of the
American and British governments had been thoroughly infiltrated by the Armanenshaft, to the extent that even the military had fallen under their control.

In accordance with the fifth column operation, Brother Rudy now the Deputy Fuhrer and the second most powerful man in the world, was readying himself to pilot a specially equipped Messerschmitt 110-D. He was scheduled to leave Augsburg, Germany, on the 10th of May, making a stopover in Alborg, Denmark.

If things went according to plan, the fifth column would be alerted to his coming. The ultimate intention was for him to parachute into a secret location in Scotland. The Deputy Fuhrer would carry no documents: all the names of the Armanenshaft operatives had been memorised; every detail pertaining to this most ambitious Die Auslands-Organisation operation he carried in his head.

The success of the his mission would result in King Edward being returned to the British Throne, Mosley being made Prime Minister, and England falling without the Brotherhood having to fire a shot. A few months later they would replace the 'cripple' in the White House and the United States would capitulate in a similar fashion.

If anything went wrong with the operation, the Deputy Fuhrer was to explain that he was on a mission of peace. His actions would be rejected by the German High Command as those of a mentally unstable person suffering from 'pacifist delusions'.

The mood in the room was anything but pessimistic. All felt victory was inevitable.

Operation Boaz

The plan was operating like clockwork. He could see the Scottish coastline in the distance. The Deputy Fuhrer took his plane to its maximum altitude. As expected, two Defiant night-fighters were scrambled from the air force base at Prestwick.

He brought his customised plane into a steep dive and was pleased when it was clear that the Messerschmitt had outrun its pursuers easily. Thirty miles south of Glasgow, skimming along near ground level, he could make out the town of Kilmarnock. Bringing his aircraft up to cruising altitude he parachuted into Scotland and made his way to the secret, prearranged location.

Struggling to stand as he had wrenched his ankle and was in extreme pain, he raised his right hand. Then, thumb on the knuckle of his friend's forefinger, it was declared "At my initiation I was taught to be cautious."

His coded reply was, "Christ has risen!"

"Christ has risen, indeed."

"It is good to see you."

Operation Boaz had been a success.

'Boaz' had been a most secret operation. Hans' comrade, Alfred Horn, after infiltrating Germany's inner circle, had risen to Deputy. The real Brother Rudy still remained in isolation. The modern drugs and brainwashing techniques had not worked as anticipated. Rather than modifying his mind, modern science had ravaged it.

The question now confronting us was what to do next. The German war machine appeared invincible, while our side had been severely compromised with enemy infiltration. Our small group did not even have official status. Technically, we were still acting illegally.

As Alfred Horn wrote out the list of enemy sympathisers, I recognised the names of many influential people not only in the government and military, but in business and the entertainment industry.

It was in these desperate circumstances that the most brutal of operations ever conducted by the Allies was born. It started in May of 1941 and was totally covert. All
Fifth Columnists who had reached or would reach positions of power would be 'turned' or 'killed'; no loose ends would be tolerated. All files pertaining to Boaz would remain closed until 2040.

A Deluded State

The German public was told that the German Deputy Fuhrer, had flown to Scotland on a mission of humanity, claiming that Germany did not want to defeat Britain and wished to end the war. The following message was released to the press:

Our comrade lived in a deluded state due to head injuries sustained in an earlier war. As a result he felt he could bring an end to the war that England has inflicted on us. These events will in no way affect our drive to victory.

Privately, the German High Command was devastated. It was as if a bomb had gone off at Wolf's Lair. The Aryan Messiah paced the floor frantically. What had gone wrong? The leader of Germany began to suspect that a spy had infiltrated the highest levels of their new order. Action would have to be taken to increase security. The Abwehr
was now under suspicion.





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