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March 30th 2007
Published: March 30th 2007
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In March when I decided to take a trip to Great Britain I asked my (British) bank in Paris to take out cash in sterling currency. They couldn't do that. I took European currency (euros) trusting to be able to change it into pounds and pence without problem. In Rugby I changed some of my euros but the exchange rate was not in my favour and I felt ripped off.

When I realised I would need more money than I had first planned to spend, I thought it wouldn't be a problem to withdraw cash from any agency of my bank in Great Britain. Without a card, however, I was told it was impossible.

I phoned my bank from a public phone in Carlisle asking them what to do. I was told it was quite legal to have money sent from my branch in France to any branch in Britain. Yes, but it had to be sent to a bank account number...

I'll make this story short. By the time I actually received the cash over the counter, it was Friday afternoon and I had spent a whole week sorting out this issue. Each day I was wondering why it was such a big hassle. I felt very unsecure. I cried. I got mad. I hated the way I was treated.

It gave me time to stroll, take photos and watch television in my hotel room. It gave me an insight of how the people of Great Britain see the world and the European continent. I was amazed.

Cash problems can happen anywhere when travelling. I would love to hear other travellers' stories on the subject!

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13th August 2007

anonymous request
You advertise for your area as a nice place to live, We are senior American Citizens who do not speak France but would like to learn. If your area is "rural, would we be able to study French language there? Is it Safe, easy to find apartment, not expensive to live there? Appreciate your advice. Thanks. Frankie's reply: No, there's no facility to study French in my rural area except for new immigrants
22nd October 2011

Good to read your journies Frankie. What you are expiring in England I find those same kind of troubles in France. Mont St. Michelles f.i. september 2011 : garage 1) no working people on monday, maybe tomorrow. Tuesday: NO WE DON'T HELP, and they closed the garage. garage 2) no we can't help with that wheel of the camper, too difficult...............try garage Peugot. garage 3) distance 5 km 11.40 hours YES WE 'll help you. Come back at 14.00 hrs. so we dit. 16.00 we could drive again to The Netherlands. Vive Peugot!! Kind regards, Hetty from Holland

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