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14th March 2019
1. Dunfermline, Scotland

My home town
I really should stop looking at pictures of Dunfermline and the Fife area. It makes me so homesick and sorry that I left to move to Canada in 1968
15th January 2017

Thinks to do in Wexford
There are not so many Wexfords blogs. Please find my latest blog here: Thank you for reading
15th January 2017

Thanks for coming by my travel blog, Bianca. You seem to be a busy traveller! How about a visit to France one day?
2nd February 2013

The people you meet
For such a short journey from France to Ireland, you sure did meet some interesting people! That to me is one of the best parts of travel, connecting with people from all over the world, and each one with a story worth telling.
14th February 2013

It sure is the best part, if not the only reason for it actually! Thanks for your comment... Where are you hidding at the moment?
3rd October 2012
1. Bort-les-Orgues

Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for sharing this with us. A very good collection of photos and some more info about traveling in France.
4th October 2012
1. Bort-les-Orgues

Publicity or spam?
Thanks for your comment but who are you, Planet EU ???? There's no way to know from you website.
27th September 2012

Merci beaucoup, Frankie !
It was the nice road trip in France. I've met her by exchange work site and she is really passionate! I'm traveling by myself and I'd like to see the life in the local area. Before I was planning to take a bus to heading to my next place then she suggested this trip. So I paid the fee (same fare) to her. I took a lot of photos on the way and I made la tarte auxpeches for our lunch. The good things is I could lean many things in France on the way. I'm such a lucky Japanese tourist :)
28th September 2012

Yep! that trip is a nice memory, the peach tart on the bench and remember... "lorsque j'avais six ans, j'ai vu, une fois...etc" :-)) f r a n k i e
11th August 2012

Hanau, Germany
I lived in Hanau on Old Argonner Kaserne back in the 70's, these photos brought back a lot of fond memories. Thank you for posting them.
28th September 2012

I have fond memories of Hanau too! Thanks for your comment Theresa. f r a n k i e
7th June 2012

Hi Frankie, How are you doing? Comment va-tu? Nico and Sam (the dog) and I hope to meet you July in France. We are leaving 24th of June for Paris and travel in the campervan to my brother Bernard in Decize (near Nevers). Please let me hear from you. I am curious. Kind regards, au revoir, Hetty (Henriëtte/Heidi/Harriet) Kind regards, au revoir.
13th April 2012

comment on de2008-hanau am main
My Husband and I were stationed in Hanau Pioneer Kaserne in Wolfgang and we spend many years there.The outside Shops and Outside Cafesit was wondweful.We miss it,but every other year we are going back. Steinfurth is a quaint little Hamlet where my Parents lived ,Bad Nauheim were are Heart Surgerys are performed,the Parks.really beautyful.
23rd June 2012

Thanks for your comment, Brigittte, and sorry for the delay in reacting to it! I don't often enough log-in here... shall e-mail you directly.
22nd October 2011

Hi Frankie, october 2010 i went to Cent in the North/East of Swiss. Meeting my girlfriend from Zürich there. We have had 3 beaytiful days. Through Ostrie I was sleeping in my car near the Raststätte. April 2011 visited Zürich and Decize, where my brother is living (since 2003). In 5 days i returned home. Endless pleasure to drive. Today I found your name in my 2010 agenda and see what has happened. Maybe we see eachother in future. my website is also in english I hope you will enjoy your travelling still during many years. With my travelling friend Nico we were in France in 2011 by camper. From Besancon to Decize to the South of Bretagne and back home. Like you i am taking the photo's. Thousands. Do you know that Bruno Mertens from Kerikeri passed away 2008? Kind regards, Hetty
22nd October 2011

Good to read your journies Frankie. What you are expiring in England I find those same kind of troubles in France. Mont St. Michelles f.i. september 2011 : garage 1) no working people on monday, maybe tomorrow. Tuesday: NO WE DON'T HELP, and they closed the garage. garage 2) no we can't help with that wheel of the camper, too difficult...............try garage Peugot. garage 3) distance 5 km 11.40 hours YES WE 'll help you. Come back at 14.00 hrs. so we dit. 16.00 we could drive again to The Netherlands. Vive Peugot!! Kind regards, Hetty from Holland
26th February 2011

re. Sweet Memories
Thank you for your comment Deliang Lu. I'd love to visit Shingdezhen one day. Maybe one day!
28th January 2011
Stoke-on-Trent (13)

Sweet Memories
I lived in Stoke on Trent from Sep. 2008 to Sep. 2009. I am a government officer in China. I was dispatched and studied MBA in Staffordshire University from 2008 to 2009. Stoke on Trent leaved me impressive memories for its peace and harmony, fresh air and bone china culture. I have been lived the sweet memories when I studied in Stoke on Trent. The photos arouse my sweet memories for Stoke on Trent. Thank you.
30th September 2010

Hanau am Main
Thanks for this comment. It's nice to be able to share!
9th July 2010

I stumbled upon your travel blog of a couple of years ago but was delighted to see the photos and comments regarding Hanau. I was fortunate to be stationed in Hanau in the U.S. Army from 1969 - 1971. It was a great place to be and I truly had a great experience during that time. This had brought back a lot of good memories for me and I am glad that I found it. Jerome Terrell
13th August 2007

anonymous request
You advertise for your area as a nice place to live, We are senior American Citizens who do not speak France but would like to learn. If your area is "rural, would we be able to study French language there? Is it Safe, easy to find apartment, not expensive to live there? Appreciate your advice. Thanks. Frankie's reply: No, there's no facility to study French in my rural area except for new immigrants
18th June 2007

Wow, what a great trip, Frankie..maybe we could do something when I come to France. Love all the photos.John looks same as ever.
9th May 2007

enjoying your trip
Hi, just want to say I'm enjoying your road trip. I haven't been on an adventure in years so I'm glad to go along on yours. Good descriptions about the scenery but how about local food? It'd be interesting to hear your views on what good or bad meals you're having and what they are, like I'm thinking there must be a lot of good seafood in Scotland? Enjoy!

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