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October 13th 2018
Published: October 28th 2018
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Saturday October 13 - I didn’t sleep that well, as it felt like I was facing uphill when I slept on my left and downhill when I slept on my right. The host made porridge for breakfast, which was nice but could have been a little sweeter. We researched all the nearby castles and such we could visit today, but the winds picked up again and we decided to stay in, for our safety, at least until the weather cleared. Even if we could drive in this nonsense, we would be soaked just walking between the car and a building. So I caught up on journaling and Jeroen read the magazines he brought. The storm raged outside but we stayed dry, if not warm.

The weather did calm a bit in the afternoon and we headed out around 2pm to visit Caernarfon Castle. It’s a castle built by King Edward 1 in the 1200s and along with a couple other of his castles, comprises an UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a pretty impressive structure and we really enjoyed walking around, but it continued to rain while we were there, so the pictures don’t show just how nice it was and it wasn’t as nice walking around as it would have been if I could really have looked up more often to enjoy the structure. We found free parking right outside for two hours, and that is about the amount of time we stayed. From there we had a late lunch/early dinner at what seemed to be a college burger pub, if that is a thing. The burgers were pretty good and then we were on our way back for a quiet night. The hosts went out for dinner, and the other guests stayed holed up in their space, so we never saw them.

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29th October 2018

I recently found out that Edward I...
was my 21st great grandfather. I guess I'll have to visit Caernarfon Castle. It is near Bangor where my son attended law school, so I have two reasons to visit Wales. I hope I have better weather than you!
31st October 2018

There are four castles, all relatively close together that are by Edward I and form the UNESCO site. Check them all out while you're there!

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