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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids December 10th 2018

The caveat with a British holiday is always ‘if you get the sun’, but in July 2016 we did, and what a smashing few days we had. After a careful scrutiny of the Met Office’s weather forecasts we booked ourselves in at Caerfai Farm Campsite on the Pembrokeshire coast. It has great sea views and is only a fifteen minute stroll from the centre of St David’s. We had a five hour drive from Lancashire, down through the verdant Welsh landscape on winding country roads. St David’s is really a large village, but it’s classified as a city because it has a cathedral. It’s got pubs and restaurants aplenty and a dramatically beautiful coastline on its doorstep. You can eat, drink, walk, swim, go on a boat trip or just mooch around. Nothing earth shattering, but ... read more
Our accommodation

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool December 10th 2018

We had a lovely day with Liz on Saturday. She drove up on Friday night and left Sunday morning, but we made the most of her on Saturday. Here's the photo shoot.... read more
the singing reindeer
still singing
the miniature Christmas fair

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham December 10th 2018

"Today is your own. Tomorrow perchance may never come". - Swami Sivananda. Today was one of those days. We had a plan and that plan meant rather a lot of driving. Every year we do a round trip and it was happening today. Sometimes it starts in the Wrexham area . For the last few years it had started here in Derbyshire. We have wreaths to deliver. The weather as we drive is pretty awful. A thick mist hung in the air. The sun struggled to force its way out. Pale and wan in the sky. We let the Sat Nag pick a route and then chose to ignore her pleading as we made the decision to go our own way. She wanted to take us down the M6 Toll. We did not want to go ... read more
George Ellis my grans brother in law
Gresford - I wonder where this came from
View from the back of the wheel

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool November 19th 2018

We hadn't seen those Coopers for ages, so Alex and I decided to drive north for his weekend off, (and he managed to trade Monday off too), and we left on Friday evening and returned today. Thus we spent two whole days in rather livelier than usual company. Alex proved to be the perfect uncle, joining in with everything and doing as he was told regarding rules of games, and even taking part in a "performance" in which he was cast as a can guess who the princess and the knight were. We took Bella, so walks were needed, one involved geocaching, the other involved adventures. You'll see.... read more
whats hidden here?
Look, its another dinosaur
Alex had to hide it again

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool October 20th 2018

I've been on a southern tour this week, visiting friends and relations in Somerset and Devon. First I stayed with my "old" friend Hilary and her husband, then to Liz, then to My friend Sue and cousin Jerry in Georgeham, near Barnstaple. Back to Hodges, then home. It was nearly as far as going to Glasgow!... read more
the red boat
sea dog!
figure on the mud!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids October 17th 2018

You may tire of my superlatives when I describe the sights here, but let me tell you: I don’t tire of seeing them! Wales is truly wondrous; they must have invented green. Yes, I know, there’s Ireland ahead (I go Saturday), so emerald is the color of October for me this year... One problem in showing you all this is that, as I drive through all this gorgeous scenery, there’s a dearth of places for me to pull over to photograph them. Along the highways, there are “lay-bys” (pulloffs), but each one is heavily thicketed, blocking the view. And out in the country, there is virtually no hope, as locals ride my bumper if I dare to slow for a driveway or turnoff. So, I’m cheating, sort of - I’ve found some good photos online of ... read more
The Mumbles
This is a two way street
View from my room

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Swansea » Gower Peninsula October 16th 2018

Sometimes I believe I’ve outlived my capacity to adapt, or at least to catch on... To explore Wales, I’ve rented another car. This is the third one I’ve driven in the seven weeks I’ve been here, and I was pretty excited to get a MiniCooper, since I’d not even sat in one, much less driven it. I got it in the rain, from a very busy agent named Charlotte. It may have been that she was getting wet standing beside me as I sat at the console, but she kept saying, “So, are you happy with the car?” And not in a good way - I think she was disguising impatience with solicitude. I had to go back into the office twice after signing all her forms, once to figure out how to get the SatNav ... read more
Parking is tight
We park where we can

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales October 15th 2018

Monday October 15 - We had a little freedom with the schedule, since the last couple of days were all different than initially planned, but we wanted to get into Manchester, England, where we would fly out tomorrow, in time for dinner. So we decided to visit Llangollen on the way. I had first heard of it in reference to the ladies of Llangollen on the Stuff You Missed in History podcast. Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby were from Ireland and spent their lives together. They lived in the late 18th, early 19th centuries and scandalized and fascinated their peers. They came to live here where they were allowed to live in peace. It’s not clear that they actually had a sexual relationship of any kind, but they were quite devoted to each other. We visited ... read more
Our sleeping church
Sleeping church

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales October 13th 2018

Saturday October 13 - I didn’t sleep that well, as it felt like I was facing uphill when I slept on my left and downhill when I slept on my right. The host made porridge for breakfast, which was nice but could have been a little sweeter. We researched all the nearby castles and such we could visit today, but the winds picked up again and we decided to stay in, for our safety, at least until the weather cleared. Even if we could drive in this nonsense, we would be soaked just walking between the car and a building. So I caught up on journaling and Jeroen read the magazines he brought. The storm raged outside but we stayed dry, if not warm. The weather did calm a bit in the afternoon and we headed ... read more
Our pirate church
Our pirate church

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales October 12th 2018

Friday October 12 - We woke up and had breakfast at 8am. They cooked a full English breakfast and we rolled out of there 45 minutes later. The weather was crap, as we knew it would be. There was a large storm called Callum attacking the UK, especially Wales, with lots of rain and high speed wind gusts. We knew walking was out, so we planned last night to visit the Slate Mine Cavern in Llechwedd. We booked a tour at noon and arrived about 20 minutes early. There were several people on the tour before ours and after ours, but we were the only ones for the noon tour, so we got ourselves a private tour for two for an hour and a half. Not bad. Our guide was also one of two guides who ... read more
Slate Mine
Slate Mine
Slate Mine

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