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July 17th 2006
Published: July 20th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Time has flown and we are now back in London and realised that we haven't made an entry for almost 3 weeks!

So, the weather in Wales improved hugely during our second week, hot and sunny most days. The mountains look so different in good weather and we discovered some lovely beaches and lakes to swim in.

We decided that we needed a break from walking to do something else, there are hundreds of different leaflets about things to do in the area and we settled on one called Ropeworks (Terry wasn't too keen but I managed to guilt him into it!) Basically it is an asault course on ropes and logs 50 foot in the air, It was a scream! Terry loved it once he got going and in the end I was much more nervous than him! At one point we had to climb up a (very wobbley)telegraph pole and scramble onto a foot square platform on the top, once standing you are then expected to jump outwards and catch a trapeeze a few feet away. Only half of the people in our group got more than half way up by which point i was fairly conviced that i would not be able to do it with only one good arm. Still I had a go, and eventually got to the top (taking about 3 times as long as anyone else!) At that point i think i got a bit bloody minded and determined not to let it beat me and managed to stand on the top and jump out and hit the trapeeze!

Clive and Vanessa, our friends from India, came up last weekend to stay, it was fantastic to see them (Hi Guys!) and we spent the weekend eating icecream and drinking too much! We have got quite a few friend intending to visit us in various places on our travels and seeing Clive and Vanessa made us realise how nice that is going to be.

So our last week Emma, Tel's friend from work, came for a couple of days, we managed to get to the beach and the lakes as the weather was great, but also I managed to have a few days sitting in the sun as Tel now had a new walking companion! We had enjoyed Ropeworks so much we decided to go back and take Emma and also Bill, the landlord with us. We couldn't wait to take them on the "3G swing" which is basically a metal bar that you hook your harness onto then get winched up and back to about 50 foot, you then have to pull a release rope and drop like a stone out of the sky! Emma and Tel went on first while we watched, Bill was reasured as Emma didn't scream, in fact she didn't scream because she was frozen with shock but we didn't tell him that! As Bill and me were being winched up he was telling be he musten't swear as there were a couple of children in our group watching us. Well I won't write what he bellowed as we dropped because i'll get kicked off the site!!

Friday was our last night and we were gutted, Jackie and Bill cooked us all a lovely meal and we sat til the small hours chatting. Leaving on Satuday was horrible, but we are going back at the end of September between Ghana and India.

So here we are back at my Ma & Pa's in London, got lots to do this week collecting things up to take to Ghana, lots of medical bits, a double buggy (?!!) clothes, toys and a special request for chocolate, crisps and Iron Brew!

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Made it!Made it!
Made it!

Emma getting her leg, sorry, thats a cheap joke...
Moel EilioMoel Eilio
Moel Eilio

Emma at the top of Moel Eilio, overlooking Snowndon.
At the top of Snowdon againAt the top of Snowdon again
At the top of Snowdon again

After walking up the Pyg Track in 2hrs 2 mins. This time alone, but at least with a view!
Looking towards Pen-y-passLooking towards Pen-y-pass
Looking towards Pen-y-pass

Showing the higher Pyg track, and the lower Miners Track around the lakes
Bill and JackieBill and Jackie
Bill and Jackie

See you in September!

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