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September 3rd 2019
Published: September 7th 2019
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And we’re off. Luckily for us, our British Airways double decker A-380 plane lifts off towards London eight days before the pilots go on strike.

Once in England, we will need to adjust to the eight hour time difference. Sleep time. Next day involves activating our eurail pass and beginning the journey to CARDIFF, WALES. Amazing how a two hour trip brings you to a different country.

The roadsides are dotted with purple flowers that look like miniature lilac plants. Local folk are so very friendly and instantly offer assistance the minute they see you looking confused and lost. Strolling along Queen Street in downtown Cardiff is a search for items made in Wales. A shop sells carved love spoons, slate coasters, and of course Welsh cakes. Cardiff castle was once owned by the Bute family and is almost 2,000 years old. Surrounding the property is a unique animal wall consisting of a sculpted hyena, baboon, wolf, and several lions.

You can just feel the moisture in the air. Wales weather is constantly changing with a downpour one minute, and beautiful sunshine several minutes later. We meander through a Brexit protest and meet a bobby.

Renting a small apartment involves Chris sending a photo of himself, a signature online, and a copy of his drivers license. On a local recommendation, it is off to PENARTH, which is a Victorian seaside village, boasting a pier pavilion.

Walking through Alexandra Park with vignettes like a bug house, leads to the waterfront where a water taxi brings takes us past the barrage (a very interesting civil works project in the Cardiff harbour) to Mermaid Quay, home to an enormous Milleneum Centre housing opera and musical performances.

Once back in the village, we wait for the Michelin star restaurant Mint and Mustard to open as they are offering a two for one. The east indian food is decadent and delicious. Our plates are scraped clean. Yum.

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7th September 2019

Looks wonderful. Glad you are having a great time
7th September 2019

Trip to Europe
Chris & Cathy - have a fun and exciting trip Thanks for including Susan and I on the adventure details ! It’s great to see the locations and details of the trip. We are glad Cathy is along to keep Chris under control . Take care. The Dutchman
7th September 2019

Oh love it, never been to Wales, looks very interesting....LONDON!!!
If per chance you wander down #3 Regent Street in London’s West End...(B.C. House should be just off off the Duke of York steps which is connected to the Mall, which in turn leads you to the Pall Mall where Buckingham Palace sits)anyway to make a long story short, just say hi and thanks to B.C. House which is where I worked the summer of ‘71
8th September 2019

Have Fun!
Enjoy every minute - stay dry; stay safe!
8th September 2019

Just catching up.
I’m delighted & excited to follow your journey. As always love the blogs with photos. Hugs.
9th September 2019

Keep it going! Looks like a great adventure already. Love you xo
11th September 2019
We became part of the protest!

Too funny!
I especially appreciate that they apologized to Dylan Thomas! Love it ... lol
11th September 2019
Cathy explaining to the bobby why Chris is yelling!

Chris is always yelling!
I think you made a friend, Cathy!
11th September 2019
The Bug Hotel

Seems familiar
I think we stayed in a similar place up in Hyder, once upon a time...
11th September 2019
Elderly People Xing!

Look out!
Elderly people can be more dangerous than wildlife, they throw canes and race wheelchairs! I'm glad you guys felt protected by the signage.
11th September 2019
Opera House Theatre

Lost in translation
How much of the language did you actually encounter?
16th September 2019

Happy Trails
Hi Chris and Cathy...sweet trip you are on and great blog. You look like teenage backpackers of the 70's with your Canadian flag bearing luggage. You will have plenty of stories to tell on the chair and in the coffee shop this winter I'm sure...I can't wait! Enjoy! BB
16th September 2019
Chris Self Potrait

Chris's Self Portrait
i sure hope the Chris has since had a chance to acclimate to the change in time and jet lag is no longer a "Hair raising" experience! LOL!!!

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