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March 24th 2007
Published: March 24th 2007
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1. Dunfermline, Scotland1. Dunfermline, Scotland1. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland

It took 1 day from St Civran (sain seevran) in the centre of France to Amiens (ahmien) in the north, 1 day from Amiens to Rugby in the centre of England and 1 day from Rugby to Edinburgh in Scotland. On the 4th morning at 8.30 on the carpark of the Dakota hotel at the south end of the Forth Bridge, in the crisp and fresh air of Scotland, John boarded his car to drive back to Rugby and said: "you'll be allright"... as I was boarding mine and heading my own way into Scotland.

I was nervous up until the middle of the bridge. To pay the toll fee at the bridge from my driving seat on the left handside I had to stretch my arm way out half getting out of my seat to reach the guy in the toll booth. It costs 1 pound sterling to drive across the forth from south to north but nothing the other way around. When out of cash or when the queue is too long you can always drive up river and take the old toll free bridge. Halfway up on the bridge I started feeling g-r-e-a-t!!! I felt rejuvenated
2. Dunfermline, Scotland2. Dunfermline, Scotland2. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland
and the world was mine. There's nothing like travelling!

My plan for the day was to visit potters and end up in St Andrews, a university town on the coast facing Norway across the North sea. I pulled up in Dunfermline (doon-ferrrm-leen) and went walking about. It was not even 9 am and the light was very slanting. The main street started getting busy after 9. I bought hot cross buns, which are not what they used to be, are they?, and walked here and there and back again taking the odd photo. A feeling of being suspected as an amateur terrorist got over me. What would a French woman be doing early morning in March in the deserted streets of a Scottish town? Spying for the wogs, perhaps. I'm joking. At the tourist office desk the lady was very very nice and helpful. She gave me a few addresses and plenty of brochures.

Back on the motorway to Perth (Scotland), the M90, I stopped at Milnathort and found a pottery. The potter was away but the shop was open. I bought a stoneware bowl for 55 pounds. It was a way for me to compare prices too
3. Dunfermline, Scotland3. Dunfermline, Scotland3. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland
between artists' ceramics in France and elsewhere. After that, I veered east into the county of Fife and drove on small country roads cross country. Madening it was. On each side of the narrow tarmac the sides have a curb in earth or stone or cement. You can't pull up for a quick photo or a rest to enjoy the view. It's like a conveyor belt. Just keep driving! People drive like mad on these narrow hilly and winding conveyor belts. It is very frustrating.

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4. Dunfermline, Scotland4. Dunfermline, Scotland
4. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland
5. Dunfermline, Scotland5. Dunfermline, Scotland
5. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland
6. Dunfermline, Scotland6. Dunfermline, Scotland
6. Dunfermline, Scotland

The former capital of Scotland
1. Milnathort, Scotland1. Milnathort, Scotland
1. Milnathort, Scotland

A village with a pottery
2. Milnathort, Scotland2. Milnathort, Scotland
2. Milnathort, Scotland

...and a post office

14th March 2019
1. Dunfermline, Scotland

My home town
I really should stop looking at pictures of Dunfermline and the Fife area. It makes me so homesick and sorry that I left to move to Canada in 1968

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