Photos from The Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

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A Nessie Sighting
Saucy Marys
Over the Bridge to Skye
One of Many Castles
Beauty of the Loch
Loch Ness
Shearing the sheep by hand
Puppies herding sheep
WWII memorial
Hogwarts is everywhere
High Street Fort William Scotland
Our cruise ship on the Loch
angry Weather on Loch Lomond
Easy but pretty section of the trail
Chris in front of Steall Falls
Selfie with the falls in the background
Steall Falls
Chris coming back across the bridge
Chris getting ready for the Wire Bridge
Distance shot of the Falls
Dot Hiking to Steall Falls.
Dot Hiking to Steall Falls.
Cool tree on our hike today
Our room at the B&B
Dessert last night
Scenic Overlook
Relaxing in her Midge Net
The Midges were out
Lillypond on our hike in Glencoe
Another pretty view of Glenfinnan
Distance view
Glenfinnan Acqueduct-From Harry Potter films
They had Pepsi and Ice on the Ferry
Busses are practically hanging off the back
Pack them in tight on the Car Ferry
There is our Ferry. Hardly looks like a boat from here
Harbor where we will catch the Ferry
Queue up for the Car Ferry
Pretty view on Isle of Skye
Another bridge
One of the quaint bridges as we leave the Isle of Skye
For the flower fans-on our hike
Trying the local whiskey in Glencoe
Chocolate cake on the left, Sticky Toffee Pudding on the right
My delicious burger
Tried the local whiskey
Another for the flower fans
For the flower fans - i have no clue
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Servant's Room
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