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September 3rd 2006
Published: September 3rd 2006
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hey all!
well im back in Edinburgh from my 3 day Haggis tour. Tour was great (weather was a bit crap, but theres nothing we can do about that!) but im kinda glad to be back in Edinburgh for a little rest up (did i mention how much i love Globetrotters? great hostel! so homey!).

Shaun and Ash left snacks and a note in my bag that was in storage here. awwwww i miss those guys. Travellin on my own definately isnt as fun. Was gonna go check out the fireworks in town tonite that are for the end of the Edinburgh festival but couldn't really be bothered as im quite exhausted and have noone to go with 😞

Yesterday was the highlight of the tour. Tony (the tm) took a vote of what ppl wanted to do on Skye. The choice was that we could follow the itinerary and go up to the north of the island orrrrr, because Tony was really pumped because he had never had a MacKinnon on board before (me!!!!), we could go to the south of the island into MacKinnon territory! Luckily enough everyone voted in my favor! Apparently we were quite the nobel bunch and were even known as the 'switzerland of skye' in that we were neutral territory between the 2 other major clans on Skye, the MacClouds and the MacDonalds. He took us to the MacKinnon church (which was unfortunately almost completely destroyed (only the stone walls are left standing) in a battle between the MacClouds and MacDonalds when a MacCloud tried to marry a MacDonald in an attempt to make peace) as well as the MacKinnon burial grounds! It was smashing of Tony to do this for me and it was super to learn all this about my heritage!! There were lots of wicked little fairy tales and legends about the area as well! I can't believe how much this guy knew!!

Yesterday evening when we got back into Loch Ness we had dinner and went to a show on highland heritage (how they dressed and the weapons they used etc). it sounded like it might have been a bit dull but i really wanted to go to learn about it and was quite glad that i did as it was really interesting (plus we got to handle the weapons!!). then i was listening to cds in the gift shop and didnt realize that everyone had left! so i paid for my stuff and made my way up the road to the hostel (in the pissin rain. bloody hell) thinking everyone would be in the bar. nope. they must have went out to a pub down in the town. i was too exhausted to go lookin for them so i had a shower and went to bed (it was like 10pm. i felt like a nana!!). slept right thru until 7:30 this morning (didnt even hear them all get home. and i was in a room with 5 other girls!) so i must have needed the sleep. i think im still recovering from Contiki!!

Today it actually didnt rain!!! Unbelieveable! We drove all the way up Loch Ness, around to Inverness and made our way back to Edinburgh with a number of cool little stops along the way. Then i just came back to Globetrotters (bus here took forever tho because all the roads downtown are closed for the fireworks), checked in and here i am!

Tomorrow i plan to go shopping!!! I would rate the shopping here in Edinburgh among the top 3 that ive found in Europe so far (Barcelona, Nice and Edinburgh all tie for first place!). Basically I'm just gonna hang out for the next couple of days until i head home on Wednesday. Im actually getting pretty excited to come home. As much as i love travelling, its always great to get back!

Well im gonna go have a shower, find some food and get to bed. Big shoppin day tomorrow 😉

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

See you all verrrry soon!! 😊

Love bamberlina

ps: if you want to see a couple of pics Becs has some up on her blog: and i really do promise i will put mine up as soon as i get home!!!!!!!!!!!!


3rd September 2006

Hey Ambie
Hi sweetie, looked at Becs blog, the pics are awesome. You two looked like you hit it off right from the start. I'm sure you will keep in touch for a long time. Sounds like you really enjoyed Scotland, hard to believe you will be home in a few days. Can't wait to see you next weekend. Have a safe trip back, love you honey. luv Mom xoxoxoxox

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