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September 1st 2006
Published: September 1st 2006
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hello from bonnie scotland!!!
its beeeeeeautiful here!!
asha, shaun and i arrived in Edinburgh on Wed night. made our way to globetrotters (most awesomest hostel ever!) where we briefly checked out the bar and then crashed.

walked our little asses off yesterday. started the day by just strolling thru the shops in Edinburgh. some really awesome shopping. we of course found H&M (we really gotta start getting them in Alberta. im quite hooked!!!) and i found one of the coolest shoe stores ever called Suhuh (i thinK? something like that). i ended up buying 2 pairs... which is pretty big for me as i think im about the only chick in the world who hates shoe shopping!! we then decided we would hike all the way up to Edinburgh castle. I suppose its not really that far but its up a big ass hill!! (Great exercise tho yay!) Pretty spent by the time we got up there and then we still had to hike all over the castle but it was worth it. it kinda sucked that alot of the castle had to be refurbished as most of it was used for other things such as barracks and the like so it doesnt quite have the 'old' feeling but it was still great nonetheless. walked back down in the the town and did a bit more shopping, went to marks & spencer to get some groceries and went back to the hostel and had fruit, yogurt, chips, & sandwichs for dinner. haha what a combo. pretty much just chilled out again. Had to say goodbye to Shaun and Asha 😞 so sad!

got up this morning and made my way to Royal Mile to start my Haggis tour. Found a starbucks (only thing open!) where i got a Chai and a banana nut muffin and just hung out until the office opened. We took off from Edinburgh around 830/900 and made our way up to Loch Ness via Stirling and Glencoe. Scotland is drop dead sexy! Just love it. Even tho it pissed rain on and off all day it was still a very good day. Got to climb lots of hills and visit lots of battle fields and monuments along the way. Got into Loch Ness at supper time and had a very interesting dinner. It was bascially the most random smorg EVER! it consisted of baked potatoes, a veg and coconut curry dish (tm tried to convince us that curry is actually the national dish of scotland haha), haggis (yep! i tried it!! and it was actually REALLY tasty!!! it just kinda looks like couscous and tastes like savory stuffing!), baked beans (of course), chili, tortilla chips and salsa and the yummiest salad ive had yet (finally real dressing! im so SICK of 'salad cream'). how funny is that? its was sooooooo yummy tho!! After dinner we went on a cruise around Loch Ness. Very pretty! And it was quite entertaining how strongly the captain believed in Nessy. Actually there isnt just one 'Nessy', he believes that there are 18 of these 'Loch Ness animals' living in the area. Ok crazy man, so why havnt they found any of them yet?? hahahah. Ah well it was a good time. Just came back after the cruise as the entire town was shut by 9pm and most people headed for the bar. ive been a bit partied out lately and tho, so i just headed to the tv room to watch Braveheart (sooo good!). Started to fall asleep half way thru (i do love you tho braveheart!) so i thought i would come on to do a quick update before i head off to bed.

tomorrow we are off to ISLE OF SKYE!! im soooo pumped for that! maybe ill run into some distant relos there hahahaha.

hope everything is going great back home. and i hope that everyone has a super safe and fun long weekend.

really do miss you all! cant believe ill be home in a week
well im off to check out the live band in the bar for a couple mins and then im gonna head to bed methinks.



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