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August 30th 2006
Published: August 30th 2006
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Well Im back in Jolly Ol' England again. I seriously cant believe tour is over!

Last night in Amsterdam was a bit of a crazy one. First had a cruise thru the canals. We were then wisked off to this really cool floating restaurant for ALMOST the best chinese food ever (its very very close to my fav tho!!!) where there was more food than you could even imagine. we were seated at tables of 10 with a ginormous lazy susan in the middle and they just kept bringing out dish after dish after dish. most food ive eaten yet at a meal thats for sure! after dinner just went back to hostel were we had a few drinks at the bar there and then headed out on the town. It was a pretty crazy night but what the hell, it was our last night together as one big happy family!

drive back to london was a bit sombre. everyone was pretty burnt out from the night before and we were all dreading the good byes. Seemed as tho as soon as we were back everyone dispersed so quickly! Although most people were staying at the Royal National, we lost Becs as she was off to Jersey right away. Went to the Goose for a cheap as dinner (i had the ever classic bangers and mash! yum haha) and then to the London Pub to chill for the eveing. As I absolutely hate goodbyes I slipped away around midnight. A couple ppl asked where i was going and i just told them i was going for a quick shower but would be right back down in half hour. Instead I went straight to bed! I know i prolly shouldnt have done that but oh well.

there is one good thing about being back tho....let me just say how excited i am that everything is in ENGLISH!! i know it sounds silly but its like being able to read for the first time all over again! i finally know what kinda food im buying instead of randomly pointing at something on the menu! its GREAT!! hahaha

Got up this morning and Ash and Shaun and I headed for the laundromat as we all desperately needed clean clothes! We then went back to the contiki basement to repack, weigh and store our bags for the day. Those two went off shopping and here I am at the net cafe. Was so excited to finally be able to put pics up on here but i downloaded them twice already and both times as soon as i went to upload them the computer froze. friggen hell. im obviously not meant to put pics up i suppose hahah. sorry for being so far behind.... i guess i will just have to wait until i get home! Better late than never right.

Well im gonna go find some food before i gotta meet back up with the boys. We are then heading for Gatwick for our flight to Scotland! YIPPEE!!!!!

Take care, miss you all

luv ambs xoxoxoxoxo


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