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September 4th 2006
Published: September 4th 2006
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I have so much time now that tour is over and I am on my own that I dunno what to do with myself... so here I am on the net again :P

Unfortunately being by myself also means that I can spend as long as I want in whatever stores I want to! You dont even want to know how much money i spent today... rather I actually dont know either cause I cannot bring myself to figure it all out... but it was quite alot! However, I was a very good girl for my entire trip so far in the budgeting dept so if i saw something I wanted today, i pretty much just bought it! Like Carls would say... "See it, Like it, Buy it.... or you will kick yourself afterwards"! I started out at Hanover street and worked my way down one side of Princes street. Had lunch in the park and worked my way back up Princes street to the bridge. got over the bridge (which has a mall nestled underneath it as well as shops almost all the way along it) and was going to do the Royal Mile to Grassmarket, but had to stop myself part way and head home as I had too many bags (2 separate ladies in the christmas store even commented on the number of bags i had hahahaha)

But i ended up with some sweet new sunnies (sunglasses... silly foreign slang), slippers, shoes (yep, more shoes! and carls said Amsterdam was the shoe capital of Europe! :P haha), a 'bench' coat (dunno how the heck im gonna get that back, guess i will have to wear it), really nice 'bench' sweater (bench is my new fav brand! i really could have bought one of EVERYTHING in that store. ya im serious. not even kidding! i might just go back tomorrow!), umm some wicked lip pumping lip gloss and a bunch other stuff. everything from books (hey they were 3 for 10£) to christmas cards (they were for charity!) and anything else you could think of. Plus I bought alot of prezzies today too so that cleared my conscious haha.

Only thing i got to worry about now is that silly little thing known as a weight restriction. Ah well. I think I still had a couple kilos to play with when we flew from london to edinburgh so it'll just take some skill and i should be ok.

On my way back to the bus I stopped at Marks & Spencer to pick up some food. Supermarkets really are strange in the UK. Either people here do not know how to cook or they just dont like to as 75-80% of the grocery stores are made up of 'Ready Meals'. You can seriously buy ANYTHING (mains and side dishes) you can think of all premade and ready to stick in the microwave. Seriously pastas, meat pies, pizzas, thai, indian, chinese, american, roasts, etc. So i picked up some pad thai, peanut satay chicken skewers and some chicken chow mein and sweet and sour pork to snack on over the next day and a half. also had to get my last fill of m&s vanilla yogurt. you can TASTE the vanilla beans. its amazing! and of course sweet thai chili chips (its a good thing they dont have these at home (or do they?) cause i really cannot resist them!!

Not sure yet what I am gonig to do tomorrow. Definately not going shopping (well.... maybe just one or two stores). Perhaps I will check out the national gallery or i might go get some exercise - one of my roomates was telling me about an extinct volcano in the area that you can climb and get astounding views of the entire city. We will see what the weather is like (no rain again today! hopefully it holds off now until i leave!)

but i should be goin! chat soon
love ambs


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