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August 8th 2006
Published: August 8th 2006
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Yea in Scotland now aye. Mmm... been a while since last update.

Spent about 6 weeks at that job in St Pauls. Was alright I guess. My boss went away for 3 of those weeks, and most of that time was spent browsing the net cause i had sweet FA to do. The boys in the office often went to the pub at lunch, which was a bloody good idea. We must bring this idea to NZ. Piss ups at lunch time! Yes! And ice cream!

Me, Trav and a few of our saffa mates had a bit of a touch rugby group going for a bit which was pretty cool. We even played in the middle of a thunder storm one day, which was bloody refreashing cause it was hot as hell (well, I dunno if they get rain in hell, but you know.. besides the point).
Although the midgies in hyde park are little cun.....iving bastards. Chris, one of the saffa boys, got fankles and bad ass rainbow colour rash on his legs from the bites.

Ahh so yea what else. Oh yea, the motor show! Went to the UK Motor show out east london ways on my last saturday in london. Kid in a candy shop I was ma! uhyuck.
Nah it was awsome aye.. all the jerk-off-errific cars were there (apart from Lamborghini though? Not one to be seen). I'll see if I can chuck up some photos soon. They also had a car ballet show where the main stars were Holden HSV Monaros (Or Vauxhall's are they are over here), so that was all gravy.

So yea, caught the train up to edinburgh on the 1st... only a 5 hour journey, but I almost missed the train. Christ, ever tried running a 300m platform with a 20kg backpack and a christ knows how many kg wheely-suitcase? No? Well, avoid it for life and leather. I was panting like a pedo on Shakespear Rd at 3pm as the doors closed literally right behind me.
Apart from that it was uneventful, apart from the fat rude scottish bitch who demanded to sit in the seat I was in cause she reserved it, even though the seats behind me and besides me were all free and were for the rest of the journey.
Got to edinburgh and under estimated how big edinburgh rail station is, so had to make a few phone calls to andrew, who was picking me up. Went to back to his place where im still staying at the mo.

I inadvertantly arrived the same day as the Edinburgh fringe festival started. A month of comedy madness doubles the city's population and closes off one of the main streets for a whole month (suck that you homo V8 race circuit destroying auckland city council/transit). Place is pretty buzzing which makes for a good nightlife thats for sure.

Oh yea.. bumped into a girl that was staying in the same hostel as me when I went to the states for the first time back in 2001. Random.

But so yea arrived on the monday night, and had a job by wednesday, yay me. Rat ass pay though (6.25pound ph) and only 35 hours, but meh.. better than nothing. Its working in the main courthouse here sorting out all the jury summons for the area. Sounds glamorous but its pretty shit, its mostly just data entry and all.
But yea, thats really the gist of it for now aye. Ill try get more photos up soon. Ive setup my computer at andrew's house and we're leeching off an unsecured wireless connection at the mo, so dont know how garunteed my net connection is haha.

Oh yea for those who have seen it, hope you all enjoyed the vid trav and I made.

So yea, until the next blog update (which is due oh I dunno, 2009), have fun!


9th August 2006

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we supposed to be playin touch tonite but havent heard from knowone!!!! i was tellin gareth we gota play soon otherwise youll think its cause of you!!!! hahaha Put some photos up you lazy bastard.... Peace brotha!

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