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September 4th 2006
Published: September 4th 2006
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Funky monkey!
So me and Andrew hired a car over the weekend. It all started at 9am on Saturday morning, as we strolled into the Avis place in Edinburgh. Love at first site! hahah nah but what we did get was a new as VW Golf 1.6l manual beasty. Andrew was a bit miffed cause we had asked for an auto cause he's a bit rough on the manuals (so he said!), so I got to do all the driving.
So we started off from Edinburgh (got lost a couple of times trying to leave edinburgh... there roundabouts are f'ing scary man!) and headed north west towards Stirling and Blair Drummond Safari Park (Yea, a safari park in balmy Scotland.. that's what we thought).

Got there and the weather turned to custard, but thats all good cause it kept all the tourists away (oh the irony). We looked at seals, otters, penguins, mearkats, brown bears, alpacas, and the absolute funkiest animal on the planet... marmasets! Tiny little furry monkeys that had a hairdo like some sort of Gremlin haha.

Then got to do the drive thru part with rhino, elefunkles, and lions.... Well we watched a Lion sniff a Lioness's ass, claw its ass, mount its ass, shag its ass, dismount its ass, and then proceed to fall over and goto sleep. Laugh of the day!
Anyway after that we carried on our way thru heaps of lil towns and into the highlands. We went via Dounde, Callander, Strathye, Lochearnhead yadda yadda, onto Fort William. Saw a funky castle etc. The scenery around the area was awsome though! Heaps like the South Island, but with its own little features. Absolutaly shit all traffic too which was all good. We had to drive quite a few kms down single track lanes, which had single car size overpassing bays every 500m or so... so that was interesting.
Carried on our way to Mallaig where we caught a car ferry to the Isle of Fyfe (We had to wait for an hour so went to the local pub, man as soon as we walked inside... talk about the tumbleweed rolling into town feeling). That was some pretty mean scenary but more of the same! We carried on (and on and on and on) on our way to our accomadation for the night, a lighthouse on Rubha Reidh which was also a small hostel. Rubha

Doing his thang..!
Reidh, which for those who don't know (which is absolutaly all of you, cause no one knows the fuck where Rubha Reidh is cause it is so far into the boons!) is a tip on the end of a peninsula which only has one village on it (population ohh maybe 25). So yea, we were in the sticks. But that was cool in a strange way, no chance of cellphone reception (which is why I missed most of fathers day sorry dad!), no tv etc. So we had some bourban and went to sleep, dreaming of the poo brown colour of the water in this place).

Woke up the next morning pretty refreashed, we back tracked about 30miles and made our way towards inverness and loch ness! Got there in good time and had KFC in the Inverness shopping mall and laughed at how malls are exactly the same everywhere.
But yea, carried on down loch ness and did the tourist stuff as you do there. Didn't buy any Nessie's though!
After Loch Ness it was pretty much straight home. We had decided to not spent another night in the country cause of money n stuff, so we headed

(Contrast increased by 50% in PS... just for effect :)
home.. there wasnt much else we really wanted to see anyway, or that we had time for. The last bit of motorway was impressive... EVERYONE was doing 95/100 mph (thats about 160km/h), speed limit was 70mph..and no cops in sight (Ive got video to prove it too). Went over the Firth bridge and home! 1000km's and 36 hours later we were back where we started.

Apart from that trip everything's been much the same, so yea missing you all and cant wait to see ya in feb or whenever it is! 😊

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Andy and The BeastAndy and The Beast
Andy and The Beast

God somewhere in the highlands, no idea where.
Rubha Reidh LighthouseRubha Reidh Lighthouse
Rubha Reidh Lighthouse

Stayed here the night. It had brown water.
Loch NessLoch Ness
Loch Ness

Some say that there are a lot of magic mushrooms around the Loch.
Loch NessLoch Ness
Loch Ness

Some were right...
Random castle/tower thingRandom castle/tower thing
Random castle/tower thing

In the Boons somewhere south of Loch Ness.
The Beast!The Beast!
The Beast!

Outside a castle in Fort William.

Its hard to get how big these mountains are on a camera.. so thats why im pointing out some cars at the foot of the mountain...

6th September 2006

mean pics
/spiel/ the pics are f king cool man.. i see you are having way too good a time there. the team is getting slightly bigger, marks got approval to replace yo silly a55. we've fully kicked customer service outta their area and expanded to theirs! and they've taken shubha's office etc etc, who's gone into another office diagonally opposite me. had another bus party about a month ago , that was crazy.funny ass pics and stuff. got the conference comin up at the bay of islands, should be coolish. free alch and food and people dressing up in fukt up medieval costumes :o ok, keep well peace karish /spiel over/
1st October 2006

Hey Spew
Back to work, so I got time to check out your blog finally. Sounds like you had / are having a sweet time up north in edinburgh. Really pretty place. You going to Hogmany for new years? Hey, before you come home, see if you can make it to cloverly (In Devon i think)

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