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February 23rd 2007
Published: February 23rd 2007
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Hello everyone yep it’s about time that I update you all on the latest goings on in my life and my life with my Dad and Mhairi in Scotland. While I remember I must say congratulations to Justin my favourite American he has secured work in Thailand and is getting married in April. All the Best for the future and see you soon.

Its been a while since my last update around New Year, Well I decided to leave the diving to the real men in Scotland it was not really my cup of tea diving in this country for a living it has taken away a little bit of love for the sport which is a shame, So going to be working in Media Sales ha ha just a fancy term for working in a call centre work has not been kind to me up here, but I am looking forward to diving next time I am near warmer waters. I really miss the water but hey ho what are you to do. One of the great things is that I get out and walk a lot with my Dad which is nice reminds me of being young again
Gunwharf Gunwharf Gunwharf

Just about to return to the boat!!
and brings back the memories of seeing my Dad during the school holidays when we used to visit.

I tend not to day dream as much about being away and the past anymore and look at it more as a amazing memory that will be with me forever, At first it was so easy to get depressed about the weather and life in general, working in your home country but I have lightened up a lot about it and appreciate the opportunity I had.
I am so happy about the past and the people it has brought me to know and call my friends.

That reminds me I am looking forward to seeing Chris and Morgan on their return as I have not seen them since July last year, wow time flies along when you are having fun.

We got away for a few days over the half term as Mhairi gets the time off I know long holidays these teachers get, so it was down to Pompey to see the old guard and catch up with friends I have not seen in a while. Whilst we were down there Wingnut and Anong played host to us
Edinboro for the YanksEdinboro for the YanksEdinboro for the Yanks

Edinburgh from North Queensferry
and it was great to catch up with friends I had made whilst being away as you have that connection straight away and sadly none of your friends at home that you have not been away with understand that feeling and freedom of exploring foreign countries.

Not that you do not have deeper, longer friendships but there is something about the friends you make when you are away that seem to be so much different, just as when I taught Chris to dive in Hawaii what a amazing feeling for me and not something that would happen normally.

Well enough rambling on plans are to go away again September 2007 and return February 2008 not as long this time and a RTW ticket will be bought this time as before I had no plan which cost me a little bit extra! As soon as I buy my ticket I will let you all know what the dates and destinations are.

In the meantime here are some photos for you all from Bonnie Scotland

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23rd February 2007

hey brucey!
wow scotland looks incredible. i've never been across the atlantic ocean. my friend is moving to france next august and we are gonna visit her. maybe we can cross the channel and meet up with you in england somewhere...that would be fun! when r you and mhairi(spelled wrong? sorry) coming to the aloha state?
25th February 2007

OHHHH I seeeeee.
So now Justin is your favourite American? I guess those nights spent together in Cambodia meant nothing to you, I feel so used..... Just kidding he is pretty cool (for an American) just got back from the Similans with the Sodas and Neil, finishing teaching this week, off to Ptown for a dysfunctional family reunion with Mandy, the Rick and Gaz then to Laos, look forward to seeing you in September, I'll be right here waiting....
16th March 2007

Good to see you bloggin again!
Hope all's well, m8! I miss the water too and need to head back home at least once more before deploying again. Not enough bottom time over the past two years and I'm feeling a little weak and out of sorts - almost as if I prefer breathing uncompressed air. Naaah, can't be!

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