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April 25th 2007
Published: April 25th 2007
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We have finally booked our tickets for our trip and we leave on August 28th 2007, We will be away for 5 months and have planned our route with mainly new places for Mhairi and seeing new friends I have made around the globe.

Our plan is as follows: UK-NY-Oahu-Fiji-New Zealand-Melbourne-Asia. This will take in most of the places I visited last time but Melbourne will be new for me and also some of Asia I did not get to visit previously.

I am looking forward to returning to NZ to see the South Island as that was one area I did not get to see but wanted too.

So all those that I have crossed paths with in Asia or Hawaii I look forward to catching up with you all and introducing Mhairi to you all.

So that is the plan and it should be pretty easy to stick to the schedule and budget.

How is all this being funded you might ask well I am working for a Digital TV company at the moment and all I can say is that I am glad I do not have to be there on a long term basis.

I sell the idea that having so much to watch on TV must be a good thing and multiroom boxes are the way forward to keep your children and family happy as they can be condtion by this huge media company. The work is ok to be frank and working 4 days a week is pretty good but some people really need to engage thier brains before calling call centre for all our sakes, Anyone who has worked in one will know.

Please people read the effing small print before you call as some people have to meet targets and sell to 4 out of 10 people that call us, Sounds easy I guess, I thought it would be but not with having to deal with people who are already subscribing to out service I can't sell to you so thats one call against me 8 existing phone and I make 2 sales how can I possibly make 40% target.

I have also decided those that know me to thin the watch collection slightly so I have sold a couple and that has provided a welcome boost to the pot.

Apart from work
The Falkirk Wheel The Falkirk Wheel The Falkirk Wheel

This is canal loch system
life in Scotland has been ticking away sweetly and spending time with Mhairi is my main pursuit but there does not seem to be enough time to do that and I always want to be with her more and more, but that may change come December! Watch this Space.

As for friends visiting me well that is interesting I have made some great friends over the last 18 months whilst at Mermaids and also whilst travelling and seeing them is great.

Ben who is currently working in the Cooke Islands recentley came back to the UK for two weeks and made a very appreciated trip up to Edinburgh to see me. We had a great time catching up and casting our minds back to Mermaids, Rodders also came through from the Weege to see Ben as he was also part of the adventure that was Pattaya.

My Mum has also been up here and I have not seen her since last August so that was a emotional trip for her and me as I miss her being fairly close in the UK but do not have the money to just pop down there all the time to see her.

Everytime I do go down to see friends in Portsmouth my Mum is away travelling so you might guess where it comes from! wanting to escape the UK at every possible moment.

Well to wrap up this little blog folks I am sure there will be others in between now and August buit if you will be out on the road yourself or want to meet up again get in touch.

Hopefully once we are away the blog will become less of a one man typing marathon and Mhairi will give some news to you all about our trip.

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25th April 2007

Hey Bruce" the Cable man" Richie
Bruce good for you. Hope you guys have a great trip. I'm might met up with you in England around July. take care
26th April 2007

Hey Bruce, glad to hear you are doing well...especially in that job that sounds soooo exciting!! i am off to Brisbane in November for 3 months to meet up with diane and do a bit of travelling myself. If we are there at the same time will be great to catch up... you can give me some tips!!! Take care and enjoy... Alena x
28th April 2007

Have a good one dude say hi to harry for me, still out in kuwait altough i did get to go to the dominican a few weeks ago with emm and it was awsome travling round the island and seeing things you could not beleive. i will send you some pics when i get the net working at my appartment. take care dude Adam yaaaaaaa
1st May 2007

hey u
bloody hell u cany believe how much u have done and how much u have seen is there anywhere u have not actually seen.hehe..keep enjoying it while u can i went travelling for 4 months to singapore,mayalisia.thailand.new zealand and oz it was brill i wish i was still there,but had to get back coz of my morgage and my puppy rex neway keep in touch loves stacy xx
6th May 2007

Lucky you!!
So pleased you are off on your travels again - and this time with your girl! You'll love the South Island of NZ! If yuou're coming to Perth, drop me a line hey! Enjoy!!

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