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December 31st 2006
Published: December 31st 2006
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Well its a different time to last year but just as I was with friends in Thailand it is the same for me here in Scotland I have been working with Rodders since October at Aquatron Dive Centre in Glasgow it is not exactly the same as Thailand, I heard as I have not been diving yet that the water is 9 degrees let me stay away from that thank you very much.

I am in a bit of a pickle when it comes to work at the moment as I am working in Glasgow during the week Tuesday to Saturday but only get to see Mhairi at the weekend, but we do really appreciate it when we see each other. So a move back to Edinburgh is on the cards but I will need to find work there before the move is made as saving up to go away and not working don't really make sense. We have been getting on great and are looking forward to next year and out travels away with each other, something we both expressed is that you see so many things whilst you are away and then when you return the people you have shared it with are no longer there or you may never see them again so travelling together will be a memorable experience and we are looking forward to sharing that time together.
We have not managed to get away as yet for any short breaks as work and the general grind of life has been keeping our weekends quite so most of spare time together at the moment is spent just relaxing and enjoying each others company

Xmas has been so nice and spending it with Mhairi has been a amazing time been off work since the 22nd and not going back till the 4th Jan thats the most time I have had off when working at this time of year. We spent Xmas day with Mhairi's family including the loveable dog Alfie, As most people know me and animals especially the hairy kind don't really mix allergic to most dogs and all...but as was my luck with Poppy my aunties dog he does not really bother me and really likes me especially my leg.

Its really strange I feel a little more settled now and not so depressed about not being away and returning to reality but maybe its because I know I am going away again hard to believe I have been back since July 24th thats 5 months already life does just pass you by its a a strange feeling.

Well anyway here is some piccies for all of you of Edinburgh at night Mhairi gave me a tripod for xmas so my camera skills are being tested some more so heres a few night ones which I took of the Capital at night

Hope you all had a good Xmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year......................wherever you are

Mum: Well at least its a recent picture, Dore: See you soon Edam: Hope your okay and well Omar: Hope Xmas was not too dramatic and it was not noisy Ben: Hope you are fine when you coming home? Gaz: Are you at home? Rob: Saw you mugshot on the web, check out ours at Aquatron! Bubbles: Been meeting all your old diving buddies Happy Bunch A!
Canada: Still living it up? Chicago: You have really taken the correct path in life you sinner Justin: Good Luck with the Wedding Mhairi: Wonder if you will read this now I am here with you?!

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31st December 2006

Looking good Brucie
Hey those pics are great, should send them to Nat Geo. You could have a great job. Thanks for the luck. I know I am making the right decision this time Bruce, it feels nice and its really love and she is great and I truly love her. Jocette that is. I hope all your new years dreams and wishes come true and if you can email me your home address or somewher you can recieve mail. Also if your free in April you are more than welcom to attend my wedding in the PHilipines. Its on the 17th let me know. Your American Brother Justin B
31st December 2006

renew renew renew!
hey buddy, glad you had a good crimbo, looking forward to tonight i hope? chat to you soon, peace out
31st December 2006

Well.......what can I say
Its been a long time. It seems like just yeterday that we were bouncing around TQ2's in 3ft of snow on Christmas eve!! Ahh good times!! Miss you loads, now SB1 is dead, being a Mer-kid is not quite the same. I have not been keeping up with your blog at late but you seem to be getting on just fine now. I am happy for you and your girly, you seemed thrilled and your travelling again soon which is great. Will you be swinging buy the Mer-town? Any way, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz. I dont have your email but mine is final.demand@gmail.com and my blog is http://noadultsupervision.blogspot.com/ Drop me a line hun ROCK ON AND PEACE OUT
31st December 2006

woa your girlfriend is hot
take a look at lil brucey with his adorable woman. congrats. it is wonderful to hear that you are happy and have an extravegant travel agenda as always. i like this blog because it lets me live through your travels while i sit and waste away on oahu. :) i'm moving to nicaragua for the summer to get away for awhile, to stay with my dad who has more or less moved there for work. nice long summer of central american surf and photography, then a couple my friends are gonna come and we're gonna cruise down to costa rica for a few weeks. if u and ur princess aren't busy and win the lottery or rob a bank you should come too! have a good start to this new year...wait are you alreayd in 2007? ha and people say time travel isn't possible ur already in the future!
2nd January 2007

happy new year
hiya negro things seem to be going well up inth thills but you must be freezing you ass off up there. i can imagine you and rodders walking around your dive shop like a couple of prancing gazells, it must look like the plains of africa in there. I see youve become a dab hand at taking piccies but i recon youve had that one of your missus on photo shop as she looks far to good for you. happy new year. ben
3rd January 2007

What is happening with the world?
Gaz returns home and the Thai economy slumps. Bruce actually found someone to love him (besides me...I miss the single beds in Cambodia). You also are now afraid of the water...don't worry the shrinkage can't make it any smaller than it already is. Rabbit has moved to 'Mer'? Is that near Bangledesh? Justin is getting married. Moves to Thailand to meet a Philapeano??? And I am teaching the young minds of Thailand...I make them pronounce Aluminum the right way and anyone that says 'Shedule' is barred from class. I foune ONE woman here and have met the parents (Is that legally binding?). Good luck in 07 my dark skinned brotha from anotha mutha.
3rd January 2007

Five months seems like forever
Glad to hear all is well Brucie. Looks like you have found someone who shares your itchy feet syndrome so hopefully you can get them scratched soon. Laurie and I just book Thailand for Feb. 22nd. India, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Italy and Amsterdam are on the proposed route but that can always change. Oh how I miss the Mermaids days and wonder what it will be like when we go back. But of course it will be different since none of you will be there expect for Rabbit. See you somewhere, someday.
26th January 2007

alfie looks like a cute dog me n morges love him already! keep smiling dude say hi to varry for me! will call soon d2

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