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September 15th 2006
Published: September 18th 2006
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Its been a long time I guess not a lot has happened but realistically it has, I have been back in the UK since July 24th and I have made a move to Scotland, Why some of you may ask well it was a oppurtunity to do a few things really.

1: Live with my Dad who I had spent some time with but have never really lived with watch this space for the drama that will happen (I hope not).

2: Save money to go away again.

3: Whilst I was away I met a wonderful girl called Mhairi who was from Largs but now lives in Edinburgh, We met in OZ and spent some time together and I was pretty preoccupied with thinking about her whilst I was in NZ and Oahu.

So there you go some of the reasons for anyone that knows me and wonders where I am at the moment.

I am working for a outdoor retail company at the moment which is pretty cool as I get to play with new kit all the time and will be able to buy all my new stuff for the further travels nice
Island ParadiseIsland ParadiseIsland Paradise

Crystal Clear Waters, Sandy Beach, The Outer Hebridies!!!
and cheap. I got away to the Outer Hebridies with my Dad for a few days before I satrted work but I hope to get more involved with outdoor activities as there are a lot of climbers where I work.

So Mhairi and I have been getting on great and seeing each other for a while but I feel like I know her so much better as we have been in contact since the middle of May when we first met

I miss diving like crazy though and need to get back in the water as soon as possible but it seems the ocean is not as inviting here as it was in the tropical places I have been to.

I was down in Portsmouth last week and I am sorry to those that I could not get to visit I really wanted to but it was a hectic weekend as it was Andy and Gemmas big day they were married such a nice day and congratulations to them both.

I hope to keep my blog ongoing with what I am sure I will still find time to do something that I consider travelling but this is mainly a stop gap before my next big adventure which will take place sometime next year.....Watch this space.

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Random Photo with the D50Random Photo with the D50
Random Photo with the D50

New camera had to take pics!!

18th September 2006

See you in about three and a half weeks then Peter and Edith Bowman!!! Cant wait xx
19th September 2006

Bruce!!! goes: I feel like I haven't rabbit and porked with you in long harry lime. I hope everything is robin hood! Tom Hank for the shout-out in your last blog. You got a nice boat race in your website's Dolly Mixtures! I was definitely giving you the Kournikova for sure!!! hahaha, I know I'm probably using all these words pete tong! But in English- I miss ya Bruce! Keep in touch! Peace, Mad Cake
19th September 2006

Jigga man come climb everest with me n the casements bring mhairi with you we are leaving for the trek in febuary 2007 if you were ever gonna do it now is certainly the time ill e mail you the detals and you can think it over but well understand if your.........chicken...! d2 p.s im cool in canada havin a great time come visit us..!
19th September 2006

Your favorite American Strikes Again
Yello. Sounds like you are in Love again. Glad to here you have found someone in your life. Good luck and God Bless. I am still here in Phuket working as an english teacher at an International School. I am teaching Primary 1 its a reall blast and am loving it. I have found a new love in my life and glad to say she is not Thai. I am going back to Chonburi this week but no plans to make any moves down walking street or going back to the shop. I am sick of that and what comes out of it. I hope you get back to traveling and loving life, sounds like Scottland will suite you at the moment. Have you run into Rodders if so tell him to email with latest and greates and to get in the fox hole and get the fuck in the chopper. ANd please telll brock not to forget the toffees.
19th September 2006

I hope you don't pick up the accent there as well as I could barely understand you before... Hope to see you underwater (warm water) again here in the 'land of smiles'. Keep it Riel B.
20th September 2006

Ye Old Bastard
well dude, plan and execute it seems. Glad to hear you made out to Scotland, looks beautiful mate. Jules and I and all the rest of the Erdman crew miss ya man, the pit is the pits without ya! sounds like a decent gig you got there, hope it works out, and when ya travel next, think towards a chris brian bruce reunion in the great white north eh?! Keep in touch man , Love Brian
25th September 2006

bruce ann!
hey beauty! i sure miss your black ass. haha. no really, i have something that i need to mail you, please email me a mailing address, believe me, you will be the happiest girl ever. i got you this before i left o'ahu and just haven't had the mind to get it to you. hope all's going as well as it sounds, love. speak soon.

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