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January 15th 2022
Published: January 15th 2022
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Today we set off for our first holiday since July 2019! Woo hoo! Leaving home at lunchtime meant that we had beautiful golden light dappling the amazing landscape around the Lake District. There’s many motorways I hate, but the bit of M6 just north of Kendal is awesome. And it’s always been pretty empty when I’ve driven on it.

The more north we got, the closer to we were to dark clouds. This is probably due to the North being uphill, or so Glyn says. There was intermittent rain but nothing heavy. To be honest I’m disappointed by the lack of snow. I saw a bit on distant mountain tops, but nothing worth writing about. Oh….

Arriving in Glasgow during the early evening, we found our Budget Ibis hotel on the Quays quite easily. The area is full of family entertainment including a cinema and various fast food chains. It was rather quiet as we walked past the pot-smoking teens to have a look at the river.

A 30 minute walk took us over the Squinty Bridge which had A4 laminated homemade style posters attached to the railings every few metres. The posters contained heartfelt messages such as “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end” and “Never be afraid of the future, for it can bring beautiful things”. I do wonder if this is a popular suicide spot. Happy holidays!

We ended up in Finnieston, which according to Gogglemaps is a hip foodie hub. Here we found a small Japanese restaurant, Hanami, that had Vegan food (Glyn started Veganuary a couple of years ago and never stopped, I’m mostly vegan because Glyn does the cooking) and had our evening meal. It was delicious and the waitress was very nice.

We returned to our accommodation, where disappointingly not only is the receptionist not called “Jimmy”, she’s doesn’t even sound Scottish! I’m so geared up to say “See you Jimmy” to someone in Glasgow too!

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