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July 7th 2011
Published: January 28th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Next stop, Glasgow. A neat train ride from Edinburgh had us arrive in Glasgow early in the morning with only a day to explore the city's delights. There's a lot of hype about Glasgow, I've heard people refer to it as the 'Melbourne' of Scotland. I can't say we have really felt these vibes. Don't get me wrong, it's very pretty and we did a fair bit of exploring in our stunted allocation of time here, but I don't get the glamour, the excitement. This morning we had a leisurely stroll around Alexandra Park (yes, with our backpacks strapped to our shoulders... slightly painful) and then checked out the Botanical Gardens. This, I do admit, was quite fascinating and I'd say we spent a few good hours roaming the halls and rooms checking out all the histories and horticultures. The gardens themselves are built in glass houses, quite stunning and a nice break from the brisk chill in the air outside (it was VERY steamy inside, almost too hot!). The Kibble Palace glasshouse is quite stunning and is a beautiful reflection of 19th Century architecture.

On our way back up to the main sprawl we came across the Glasgow Necropolis (and Shawn and I are keen as mustard when it comes to spooky graves) so we wandered around some creeky nooks and crannies checking out the super ancient tombstones and mausoleums. We also had a look at the Glasgow Cathedral and took a tour into the dungeons. I fell to my knees at one point, quite randomly on to stone... it hurt... and I have no idea how or why it happened. Must have been the ghosts of past monarchs O.o.

From here we headed up to the main hub and did a mini pub hop. We tried another serving of haggis (YUM YUM YUM!!) and sampled a few local beverages (still not such a fan of ale).

We still have a few hours to spare before our midnight night rider back to London, so we checked out the Art Gallery and that's where we are now, down in the basement where they host a library and many computers with free internet access. WHOOP!

Not so keen for our night rider experience, can't imagine it'll to be too comfortable :/ If only this really were the land of Harry Potter and we could get on the magical Knight Rider. Bugger. Till London, ciao. xx


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