Isle of Skye

Published: July 6th 2009
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Isle of Skye

Today we are looping around the Isle of Skye. Headed northwest from our castle and travelled the winding roads. Many wonderfull road signs. Most have exlcamation marks and some form of picture. Common ones are school and children but my favourites are for sheep, deer, elderly and blind people. And when they show a sign for road narrowing they mean 1 lane and they mean it NOW! You had best be having your foot on the brake right away.
Very majestic mountains that are strangely bare of trees. We noticed some clear cutting of forests as well when ever we did see some trees.
Stopped for lunch in Portree. Poor Elke is ready to kill for a real salad. Salads here consist of some leafy greens and a tomato slice (no dressing - really only for decoration).
Visited 2 castles Eilean Dondan (Elilean is island in Gaelic) and Duvegan. Both had been restored and were originally built in the 1300's.
Both castles had been attacked and were destroyed in the 1700 uprising.
On our way back down the west coast it began to rain. Along these winding roads they have electronic signs to display road warnings. We began to see warnings for heavy rain and flash flooding. Little gullys that we saw on the way into the Isle of Skye began to become noticebly swollen and by the time we left the island we did see road work (washed out) in one area and many others that were soon to have water running over them.
Made it safely back to our castle and had lamb and pheasant for dinner.
Tomorrow off to Inverness to visit Culloden and pay our respects to all the clan members who lost their lives in the uprising of 1746 and we are going hunting for Nessie (The Loch Ness monster)

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Eilean DonanEilean Donan
Eilean Donan

View from the castle

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