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October 23rd 2009
Published: October 23rd 2009
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Mr and Mrs Ernest ChouMr and Mrs Ernest ChouMr and Mrs Ernest Chou

1st photo after ceremony

It's Over!

We had a beautiful day at the castle. It was windy but the only day this week it didn't rain and there was sun. We were picked up at the hotel by a 1946 Rover. The driver had to wait a bit cause we having a bit of trouble getting those weird laces to stay tied on the shoes Ernest was wearing. It was so cool riding in this car out to the castle. Ernest can tell more about the car details cause he's into that stuff, but it was cool.

We arrived at the castle and our videographer and photographer were capturing every moment. I gave in and let Ernest bring his camera but he was under strict instructions not to touch it till after the ceremony. We walked down the long path toward the castle and Loch Ness arm in arm with our celebrant, Judi, and our coordinator, Susan, walking behind us.

When we got to the bend, we were met by the Highland Piper, Colin, who marched us into the castle. We ended up on several tourists' camera also. We were taken down into a little section that fronts the loch with the
1946 Rover1946 Rover1946 Rover

inside car that drove to and from castle
tower in the background. It was so beautiful! (have I used that term enough?)

I started tearing up almost before we even started. I was trying so hard not to cry and ruin my makeup and make bad pictures. We had a Celtic singer who started the service out and it just seemed to invoke the ancient spirits. (ok, that was probably overkill, but it was very special in that setting).

The ceremony was everything I'd hoped and Ernest didn't laugh or make funny faces. He actually took it seriously when our hands were bound and everything. We had another Celtic song after we exchanged rings then we signed the legal paper and it was a done deal.

Picture time. I let Ernest take some of his own so we could share with you so hope you enjoy. Obviously most are just me but I did get a couple of E in the kilt. We will share the professional ones when we get them.

Additional photos below
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inside the towerinside the tower
inside the tower

I didn't break or sprain anything

23rd October 2009

You both look wonderful and very happy. Really like "the man in the Kilt". Melinda, you made a lovely bride, dress is perfect.
23rd October 2009

Hi Belinda and Ernest! Glad to see you guys got the wedding done! The pictures look great! I wish I was there! Have a safe trip home.
23rd October 2009

This pictures are so cool! I love your dress, it looks great! And the kilt, what a touch. Just perfect. I am so happy for the two of you. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Especially the ones with Nessie in them. The picture overlooking the castle, what an awesome setting! And Wayne says that he likes E's man purse.
23rd October 2009

Nicely done!
Well I see you got my bro in a kilt after all. Ernest looks sharp in that thing. Except maybe for the purse. Or maybe he just looks good because he's standing next to you, baby sis. The dress and the setting are beautiful, but your smile outshines everything. Congratulations! Love, Lamar
23rd October 2009

The photos are wonderful and you look stunning! I'm so glad that you were able to stay present in the moment and feel all the magnitude of it. You both look so happy! Now I want to see the video and hear the music (I'm greedy-can't get enough!) LOVE a man in a skirt!
23rd October 2009

Wow! Everything looks great! What a wonderful day! Congratulations!
23rd October 2009

Sorry forgot to put my name etc
Forgot to put name in last message just now, I was so amazed!
23rd October 2009

beautiful day - beautiful couple!!
You all look wonderful -- and so delighted! Happy life to the honeymoon babies!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Your being in Scotland brought to mind the poet Robert Burns -- I went in search of his famous line about marriage, and found a traditional part of the Burns Society functions that contains it. I would only quote the line, but the commentator here, Maureen MacGregor is a quipper of the first class, and I thought you all would enjoy the stories she tells in her toast... So here's to you, and to the paragraph that contains Burns' treatise on marriage: Love to you both, always, Gretchen and the Clan
23rd October 2009

Thanks everyone
Thanks everyone for reading our wedding blog. Honey - I love you. Your husband Ernest
23rd October 2009

Great now when are you coming to Calhoun? Your dress was beautiful and pictures were great. Congratulations/
23rd October 2009

Congratulations to you two. I am so happy for you and delighted that you could be married in a castlle in Scotland. My prayers are for you to have a lifetime of friendship and happiness.
23rd October 2009

Darn it
Aw girl, you made me cry. You look so beautiful and happy.
23rd October 2009

I'm the last one, darn it
Melly: Attorney stuff kept me from actually reading this and seeing the pictures until now, but you both have been in our thoughts and prayers all week. Wow --- I can't believe how good Ernest looks in a kilt. He is so in shape. I was wrong -- those pictures of Ernest in a kilt will be amazing to look at in years to come. Most importantly, congratulations to the Chou's and welcome Ernest to the family. Now, you guys can share Emma's bedroom -- we're old fashioned -- NOT! Anyhow, hope you'll stay at our place when you visit in December. All my love and have a safe trip home. Seems to me that heaven is shining down on this union as everything went perfectly. Debbie
23rd October 2009

Awesome....and I'm so happy for you guys!!!
23rd October 2009

Both of you look very happy! You made a beautiful bride. I am so happy that you were able to fulfill you childhood dream. Love the "Manly Man stance" and happy that he loves you enough to were it. Mr. Chou, you are the coolest! Safe trip home.
26th October 2009

Hurray for the Newlyweds!!!
Through Ernest, I knew of the many trials and tribulations you both endured in planning your wedding in Scotland. Whew!! Aren't you glad that finally everything fell into place? Your pictures are adorable and I can't wait to see more! Felicidades y que tienen una vida lleno de orgullos! Which means, "Congratulations and may you have a joyful life together! By the way, Ernest, your new wife is absolutely beautiful!! And you look better in a kilt than I thought you would! Ha! Ha! God bless you always! Carmen from METRO
3rd November 2009

A dream come true. I'm so happy for both of you. I love you guys!!
17th November 2009

Mama Mia
ERNEST!!!! You are a darling Scottish/Chinaman!!! Ha. Ha. Ha. You are both lovely - Ernest, I understand why you fall in love in Melinda. Oh, Ernest, stay off the bus system!!! It's a gene.
1st May 2012

how are you both x
hi i was just looking through my old emails, and found the link to your travel blog, i had forgotten that the link was there and so, wanted to say hello from scotland and hope you both are well xx regards xx ainsley xx
8th September 2012

Thank you
For remembering us. All our friends and family loved Ernest in the kilt so I can never thank you enough for getting him to do that. We are currently in Thailand. If you would like to see pictures just friend Ernest Chou on Facebook. Take care.
8th September 2012

Thank you
For remembering us. All our friends and family loved Ernest in the kilt so I can never thank you enough for getting him to do that. We are currently in Thailand. If you would like to see pictures just friend Ernest Chou on Facebook. Take care.

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