The day before is all about shopping.... and a BIG surprise!

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October 21st 2009
Published: October 21st 2009
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And I'm not the one shopping. Ernest started the day in search of new tartan ties for himself since he'd bought some on his last trip to Scotland that had lasted 10 years. While in search of these, we found t-shirts on sale for 5 GBP and he bought out his size.

We then went to the Highland store looking for those elusive ties, and this really cute little Scottish lass was wearing a tartan skirt that Ernest fell in love with. And she began to charm him. Now here comes the BIG surprise......

After days of pressure from flight attendants, hotel personnel, store clerks, bank tellers, Highland Council Officials and the Man in the Kilt walking tours, all to no avail, to have Ernest wear a kilt at the wedding, this cute little Scottish lass named Ainsley convinced him that proper men wear skirts.

Ernest is Wearing a Kilt in the Wedding !!!! 😱

We went immediately to the House of Fraser Kiltmakers, the oldest in this county, where they have all sizes kilts ready for rent and we rented the entire outfit for him except for the white shirt. He looked so cute!
The Town HouseThe Town HouseThe Town House

government offices but great windows
And he was amazed at how comfortable he felt wearing the outfit. We are just a little worried about him dressing himself without the person there giving instruction, especially on lacing those strange shoes.

After lunch, we went to a local store similar to TJMaxx or Ross to buy the white dress shirt. He found dress shirts on sale for just over 3 GBP and he ended up buying 6! The total was almost what we spent for lunch!

I have no idea how we are getting all this stuff home.

I think Ernest is going to have fun wearing the kilt and it will be fun to have this memory.

I have to confess that Ernest wasn't the only shopping. Since he fell in love with the tartan skirt Ainsley was wearing, even though it's none of my clans tartans, it's called Highland Cathedral tartan and I had one ordered in my size. We bought a pin from one of my clans, MacFarland, to wear on it. We also purchased a pewter marriage certificate holder for our curio cabinet.

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Bible verses on buildingBible verses on building
Bible verses on building

right across from entrance to Town House so officials will see when come out; last one deals with drunkedness and they were always drunk
Used to jail Used to jail
Used to jail

before top of steeple above clock was added they beheaded prisoners and stuck their heads on spikes around the column
Old Market CrossOld Market Cross
Old Market Cross

Used to mark center of town and was the place all the women would come to get the gossip; I'm waiting but no one is sharing

21st October 2009

Can't wait to see that!
Yay, he did it! Cant wait to see the pictures!!! I love the pictures and the posts!
21st October 2009

I want to see a picture of Ainsley. Ernest in a skirt, on the other hand, . . . . Sweet dreams on the night before the big day! Love, Lamar
21st October 2009

Now I am so excited that I am BESIDE myself! He's wearing a kilt-yea! That will be so cool! I hope your dress arrives and that all goes well. Try to stay calm so that you will remember everything (just in case something happens to the video like ours did). FYI, we sang all the way to the venue "Goin' to the castle and we're gonna get married"-I'll be singing that one for you-bless you both!
21st October 2009

A Kilt!
I can't wait for the pictures! How awesome!!!!
21st October 2009

Big Surprise
Hey to Ernest!! Can't wait to see the pictures. I had a dream last night that I was at your wedding. You were wearing a beautiful hat. When I woke up I realized it was Carolyn Gaines hat! Getting my weddings mixed in my dreams. I think it's wonderful you guys are having such a good time. Just like Carolyn and Skip.
22nd October 2009

add email addresses
can you add Lisa and Colette to your mailing list?,
22nd October 2009

HOt Dawg! E in a Kilt After All...
Who knew Terry Selene had the "sight" as they say in the Scottish Highlands. Hooray for Ainsley!!! Now Melly, we want to see those knees! LOL!
22nd October 2009

Thanks, Carolyn
now I've got that tune in my head and will probably be singing it to the castle.....Melinda
22nd October 2009

OK, I'll go ahead and do my part in the wedding now
"Her mother and I". Love, Big Brother
22nd October 2009

Strange to have bible verses on a building. Love all the pictures and its looks like you are having fun.
22nd October 2009

Today Is the Big Day!
I am so excited!. I can not wait to see the pictures.
22nd October 2009

Kilt?...Say What?
OMG! I can't believe Ernest agreed. These photos will be priceless!

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