Day 7 - Urquart, Culloden & Clootie

Published: May 11th 2017
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Day 7 -

Todays trip takes us up the Great Glen. 2 lochs split Scotland diagonally from Fort William to Inverness. Another beautiful day. First stop is the Urquhart Castle ruin on the side of Loch Ness. Massive visitor center here now. Large museum and theatre display the long history. Site dates back to 12th century with the current building starting in the 13th. After being destroyed by retreating Government forces in the late 1700's the castle was left in ruins. We are off to the Culloden Battlefield maintained as a war cemetery. 4 or 5 hours to properly view all of the presentations and museum artifacts. It takes a lot of reading to understand the root causes of this confilct. It was a lot more than just a group trying to put a King (James) back on the throne.

Not 1/2 mile away is the Clava Cairns. All of the standing stones in Scotland are mysteries. This group of cairns at one point were thought to be for mass burials, now they believe it was for one person. Dating back to the Bronze Age, we will never know why these things were built.

OK. Now we are off to one of
Breakfast #1Breakfast #1Breakfast #1

Eggs, Bacon (UK style), Sausage & Smoked Salmon
the wierder things that I have seen. The Clootie Well.It is a well or spring that tradtions will lead people to dip a piece of clothing into the water, say a prayer and tie it to one of the trees. As the piece of clothing rots it is supposed to heal what ever was ailing the person who put it there. It had a kind of Blair Witch feeling seeing these items hanging in the trees. My second thought was that since a lot of these pieces were polyester they would be there for a lot longer than the people who tied them up.

One more important stop at Dalmore for some tastings and we are off to the hotel again.

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Breakfast #2Breakfast #2
Breakfast #2

Kippers! smelled them coming out of the kitchen
Culloden BattlefieldCulloden Battlefield
Culloden Battlefield

Red flags show the position of the government troops & blue flags which are off to the left denote the position of the Jacobites
Culloden moorCulloden moor
Culloden moor

Jacobite term comes from Latin for James rightful king
Clan MarkerClan Marker
Clan Marker

Various stones designate burial place of various clans .
Culloden Visitor Ctr LunchCulloden Visitor Ctr Lunch
Culloden Visitor Ctr Lunch

Sausage roll, Mac & cheese &....THE Empire biscuit!!! (2 pieces of shortbread. jam in the middle, roayl icing & a cherry)
Dalmore DistilleryDalmore Distillery
Dalmore Distillery

yep.. got one!

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